Mere Sai 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update : Satyeshwar agrees to work for Balvant and Kulkarni

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Sai asks Ramkrishna why after when his son left his life didn’t turn to God, superstitious brings negativity and takes you away from humanity and brings fear in you. Ramkrishna in tears says I have made such a big mistake and this hardship I am facing is because of the injustice I did to my son. Ramkrishna looks up and sees Sai isn’t around but left him food.

Sai visits a man and asks how is his son doing. He asks Sai how does he know his son is unwell. Sai asks can I see him
Ramkrishna decides to find his son and take Sai’s help and starts looking for Sai and calls for help, he stumbles and hurts his knee.

Sai is told the little boy is fond of swimming and so he fell sick, he wants to become swimmer. Sai gives the boy medicine, man says why didn’t you call doctor. He says the bridge is broken and how could I force the cattle. Sai says when you understand cattle, why can’t you understand your child, if you want your son to listen to you, support him and his dreams, if you force him he will drift away from you, Man says I understood my mistake, I will take care of his dream to become swimmer, I will take him to swim everyday.

Man asks Sai, should he drop him somewhere. Sai says you spend time with your son but can you help me with your bullock cart, I will return it to you. He says sure Baba. Sai talks to cattles and says someone wants to reach me can you please get him to me.

Balvant asks Kulkarni, do you think he will come. Kulkarni says look he is here. Satyeshwar walks in and asks what is that they want from him. Kulkarni says lets start with an apology, you had insulted me, this is Shirdi and there is only one boss and that is me and whoever tries to go against him, I will finish them. Satyeshwar says I am sorry. Balvant and Kulkarni smile. Balvant says not so soon, we know Major is very impressed with you and gave you land for Prem Nagar. Satyeshwar says yes. Balvant says we need benefits too.

Ramkrishna hears Sai’s voice asking him to get in the cart. Ramkrishna does so.

Balvant tells Satyeshwar that Major is having a big tender, its not possible for our mill because we aren’t capable but with your help we can, I want this order for our mill. Kulkarni says this is not a request but an order. Satyeshwar says this will be done, anything else. Kulkarni says this is just the beginning, soon we will come with more and we will let you know whenever required. Satyeshwar about to leave, stops and says I need a favour, there is a boy in your mill Kevalchand. Kulkarni says will be done.

Sai in Dwarka Mai, Ramkrishna arrives. Ramkrishna thanks Sai for listening to his request. Sai feeds the cattle and says eat properly and then go back to your house. Sai helps Ramkrishna get inside Dwarka Mai and applies medicine om his wound. Ramkrishna asks Sai, this is Shridi right I want to meet Sai Baba. Sarita walks in and says Sai I got water for you. Sai says keep it inside and hand me a glass of water. Sarita gives water and leaves. Sai washes the wound and Ramkrishna’s wound is cured. Ramkrishna in tears thanks Sai. Sai says tell me how can I help you. Ramkrishna says I understood my mistake and I want to find my son and apologies to him, I just know he was following some guru but now I don’t know and I also know only you can help me find my son. Sai says I won’t disappoint you, I promise you, you will meet your son but you will need to be patient and have faith and till then you can stay here in Dwarka Mai as my guest.

Keval sees a room wall damaged. Chattopadhyay blames Keval for bad work. Keval says this is not possible, I had used best material and supervised whole work and this can happen only when some has purposely damaged. Chattopadhyay says don’t blame others, you are useless and incapable you can’t work here. Keval begs Chattopadhyay to not fire him. Chattopadhyay says I am not calling police or asking you to pay damage, just firing you, so leave.

Balvant asks Chattopadhyay is work done. Chattopadhyay says he was capable boy why did you do this. Balvant says I know he is capable and so I want him to join Prem Sena and he will grow there. Chattopadhyay says okay and leaves.

Pre cap: Kulkarni asks Keval return money by today or else he will take away his home.
Patil asks Sai why did he call him, Sai says wait you will know. Keval walks in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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