Mere Sai 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update : Sai helps Satyeshwar

Mere Sai 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai takes ash from Havan Kundh. Ramkrishna asks how did your hand didn’t burn, Sai says God’s blessings. Ramkrishna asks Sai to show his magic and unite him with his son, I have stayed away for so long but I can’t anymore. Sai says patience is everything and get yourself involved in some work and that will help you move on. Ramkrishna asks I had sweet shop and earlier use to make on my own. Sai says you will find ingredients it my bag and hands him a pot and asks him to empty bag in it. Ramkrishna checks bag and finds jaggery and all other ingredients required for making Rabdi except milk.

Keval’s parents ask him whats wrong why is he upset. Keval says all is good. Kulkarni walks to him and says if all is fine where is my money. Keval asks what money. Kulkarni asks how can you forget money after taking loan. Keval says I never took any loan from youm Chattopadhyay walks in and says you took money for your mothers health now pay 200. Keval says I took just 100₹. Kulkarni says 100₹ extra is interest pay now. Keval says okay I shall pay. Kulkarni says you don’t have a job how will you.

Sai plays flute, a cattle walks to Sai. Sai says to Ramkrishna look cow is here to help. Patil walks in and says Sai, you called me. Sai says you will know why sit.

Keval says to Kulkarni I will pay your money. Kulkarni says I had asked you to join Satyeshwar but you didn’t listen. Keval says its not right Sai told me. Kulkarni says okay then return money by evening or else this house is mine and leaves laughing.

Ramkrishna thanks Sai for milk. Ramkrishna starts working on making Rabdi. Patil asks Sai why did he call. Sai says soon you will know. Patil says no worries. Keval walks in worried and tells whole situation to Sai. Sai says Keval everyone has hardship and everyone feels only he has problems, and blame God but in happiness no one thanks God.

Ramkrishna remember a panditji walk in his shop and asks for sweet for prasad.Ramkrishna says he has appointed boys to work because he is boss now, already his son is a bad influence in his life, Panditji says may God give you brains and shiw you thr right path. Ramkrishna sees all customers leave because of his attitude but blames his son for it.

Ramkrishna in tears says to Sai, because of my attitude I lost everything and blamed my son for it. Sai says do you think God has done this to you just because you didn’t give Prasad, no its all our Karma and we are responsible for it and your problem is your attitude, you didn’t look after your son or business and became selfish and so everything happened. Ramkrishna says I now understand my situation and I will work hard, make sweets for poor and when I will help poor, even God will help me.
Keval says Sai why did this happen to me, I didn’t do anything wrong and asks Patil what work he had pending. Patil says I was going to meet an architect with Gopinath he wants to build a house. Sai says give Keval a chance. Keval asks can I get some advance. Patil says sure he will pay you 200 advance. Keval thanks Sai.

Kulkarni tells Balvant, that he has trapped Keval from all sides and now Sai will loose and we will win. Keval walks in and says nothing of such thing will happen, Sai gives solution before a problem arrises, here is your 200₹ and now nothing is balance. Kulkarni gets angry and asks him to take papers in the evening. Keval says okay and leaves. Balvant starts laughing at Kulkarni and says what a failure you are. Kulkarni says to him, this time I won’t lose just wait and watch, you just infrom Satyeshwar to come here to take him to Prem Sena. Balvant says okay.

Pre cap: Prem Sena eats rabdi. Malhar takes some for Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar eats it and asks how gave you this. Malhar says Sai gave and he also said its from Ramkrishna. Satyeshwar in shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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