Mere Sai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Keval joins Prem Sena

Mere Sai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone prays in temple, Baizmaa asks Sai where is Rabdi for Prasad. Sai says he is one the way, someone is cooking for God after long time. Ramkishan walks in with Tatya. Ramkishna says sorry I am late. Sai says you are never late to offer something to God.
Ramkishan distributes everyone Prasad. Sai says to Ramkishan, how are you feeling? Ramkishan says I feel so peaceful.

Santa Banta, push Keval’s family out. Keval rushes in and says he gas returned money why are they doing this. Santa Banta call him liar. Keval says I payed all the money today. Keval’s fathers health detroits. One devotee gives Sai’s medicine to him. Keval fights with Santa Banta and calls Kulkarni fraud. Santa Banta ask him for money proof. Keval says he said he will return in the evening. Santa says you have no proof and call our boss fraud and ask his men to hit Keval.
Satyeshwar Maharaj arrives their with his Prem Sena.

Sai sees Malhar and few Prem Sena members and ask them to have some prasad. Prem Sainik, go in and have Prasad. Ankur praises Ramkishan. Malhar asks Sai, can I take some more for someone. Sai says sure go ahead but whoever you give it to tell them its made by Ramkishan Nandesar.
Malhar says okay and leaves.

Satyeshwar says no one can harm innocent, Santa Banta say he is fraud he didn’t pay loan. Satyeshwar throws money and says leave and dare you harm people whom we like. Santa Banta leave. Satyeshwar offers Keval’s parents to take care of their operation. Satyeshwar says to Keval he needs to talk with in private. Keval says sure.

Satyeshwar says Keval, how long will you keep struggling, I respect Sai Baba but he is old now and doesn’t understand people now and he is down to earth and wants everyone to be but we Prem Sena just aim for high and you are bot ordinary and I want you to achieve all the success and give your parents the luxury. Keval sees Prem Sainik taking care of his family and hugs Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar says we will grandly welcome you tomorrow, we will wait for you.

Ramkishan asks Sai when will he meet his son, he will wait but how long. Sai says to him, remember God wants us to learn something and you have learnt your part and you will get rid of your problems and the rabdi you made has reached your son. Rankishan very happy.

Malhar reaches Prem Sena and they all ask him for Rabdi. Malhar says it’s for someone else.
Satyeshwar tells Prema, Keval will join him and soon he will start building Prem Sena and I am very happy. Malhar says to him, if you are happy look we got you Prasad from mandir its very tasty. Satyeshwar takes a bite and is surprised.
Ramkishan says Sai, I am scared what if my son hates me and doesn’t accept my apology.

Satyeshwar asks Malhar who made it. Malhar says Sai said some Ramkishan from Nandesar, Satyeshwar in shock listening to this.
Sai says to Ramkishan don’t worry like the rabdi reached your son, your son will reach you.

Sai meditating, Ramkishan in tears trying to sleep. Sai calls him, Ramkishan says I can’t sleep, if my son had the rabdi why didn’t he come to see me. Sai sees Satyeshwar standing outside. Ramkishan says once I see my son, I will apologies and hug him, I can’t live without him. Satyeshwar remembers how he was thrown out of the house and in tears.
Sai says to Ramkishan, your son hasn’t forgotten the past, it will take time to cure but he will surely come back. Ramkishan asks what is he doing, how is he doing.

Pre cap: Keval hugs Satyeshwar.
Balvant says to Satyeshwar that he has done his part and now Satyeshwar has to get the contact.
Prem Sainik’s parents rush to Prem Sena and say we want to meet our family, one member pushes a man. Sai saves him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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