Mere Sai 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update : Satyeshwar decides to leave Shirdi

Mere Sai 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satyeshwar says to Balvant, I had found Jagdish the day you threatened me and I knew you would use him against me and you have no idea how smart I am. Balvant says to him, you played well but you won’t be able to deal my next move and leaves.
Prema says to Satyeshwar that Balvant won’t keeo quiet. Satyeshwar says with Balvant we have Sai and Kulkarni against us too and so inform everyone we will leave to Nashik as soon as possible.

Santa Banta tell Kulkarni about Satyeshwar’s plan. Kulkarni very happy seeing Sai couldn’t stop Satyeshwar and makes a plan.

Santa Banta inform whole village that Satyeshwar is leaving Shirdi with their family members.
Everyone rush to Sai for help. Ramkishan tells everyone Sai isn’t in Dwarka Mai, he went to some place near Shirdi. Kulkarni walks to everyone in Dwarka Mai and say look how your Sai left you all in this condition, Sai ranaway.

Keval says to Shirdi Prem Sainik’s can’t we see our family one’s before we leave. Satyeshwar says when you all are moving forward why get caught up in past and you all have taken oath to leave your family. Malhar says we want to be with you but just ones last time. Satyeshwar says nothing doing we are leaving right away and we have bigger mission of Prem Sena and later you all can meet your families.

Kulkarni says to everyone, you blindly supported Sai and he ranaway and its all your fault for believing in Sai and did nothing, if Sai could help you why didn’t he and even if he was here what would Sai do. Baizmaa says my Sai can deal with anyone. Kulkarni says then why did he run away and no one can aave your families and leaves.

Santa Banta ask Kulkarni why isn’t he stopping them. Kulkarni says let these people leave and then they will learn their lesson.

Keval says to Satyeshwar that building Prem Sena will take lot of time, and whole Prem Sena is leaving who will take care of my family, you promised me. Satyeshwar says you have doubt on your guru. Keval says I have no doubts just. Satyeshwar says I gave you all a chance but you l don’t trust me, you all have crossed all your limits.

Satyeshwar says few of our Prem Sainik have lost their path and now others will take care of them and make sure they don’t leave us. Shirdi Prem Sainik are forced to stay.
Keval prays to Sai, and says help me I have understood my mistake.
Sai sees Keval’s prayer in a fire.

At Dwarka Mai, people get worried. Patil says have faith Sai won’t ditch us. Baizmaa says wherever Sai is, he is taking care of our problem and till Sai comes we will stop Satyeshwar. Everyone agrees.

Ramkrishna hears all this and says I am behind the problems of all this people and I shouldn’t be alive, Sai talks to Ramkrishna through fire and says don’t runaway from your mistakes, fix them.

Sai visits one hut, a couple happy to see Sai and welcome him. Sai looks at the man on bed and says I know him, and walks to the man and places his hand on his forehead.

Ankur, Keval, Malhat beg Satyeshwar to let them go. Shirdi people arrive in front of Prem Sainik’s. Keval shouts Baba help us they are forcing us. Ankur says yes help us they have trapped us, please help us. Patil asks Satyeshwar why is this forcing. Satyeshwar says I have to because you all are selfish and ruining their future, look this is what family does to you, they pull you down but I care about you all and have taken oath for your success and so I will fight you and won’t let you go.
Baizmaa says Satyeshwar you don’t know meaning of love and family, family share sorrow and happiness willingly but you force others and today you have proved you are wrong.

Satyeshwar asks his Prem Sena to step forward and fight others. Prem Sainik say Maharaj just wants good for your kids don’t fight, Satyeshwar says don’t keep talking go push them away. Prem Sainik confused but step forward and push Shirdi people. Kevals father falls down and it gets stormy and Sai arrives.

Pre cap: Prem Sainik and Shirdi people against Satyeshwar.

Baizmaa in Dwarka Mai says to Sai, I want you to have a house and family here like we do. Sai says even I think we should.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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