Mere Sai 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update : Sai helps Meera

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Bapu Saheb in tears, Meera walks to him and says stop blaming yourself, you are not at fault. Bapu Saheb says Aai fasted for me and so she faced heart attack. Chandulkar says we have to meet Sai and only he will answer all your questions. Bapu Saheb says I don’t want to meet anyone, its my bad luck and no one can help, yesterday you saw we were about to get stolen, constant loss in business and then Meera injured her leg, this is my punishment and no one can change it, not even Sai.

Prahlad and his friends looking for a place to play, Sai asks them what is wrong. Prahlad tells Sai they want to play but no place. Sai says go play near Dixit Vada and here sticks for you, you all wanted to build houses right go try and play. Baji says we can’t we don’t know anything. Sai says when you try you find a solution go.

Santa Banta see Patil having a get together and goes spies.
Patil tells everyone that Sai wants to build house in Shirdi. Ramba says but Sai said someone will build house for him. Keshav says we all will work together and build a house. Baizmaa smiles and says Sai never predicts anything wrong and if Sai has said someone will build we should trust and respect his decision. Villagers say we will request Sai to allow us. Ramba asks but who did Sai meant, who will build.
Santa Banta decide to go inform Kulkarni.

Chandulkar tries to convince Bapu Saheb but he says don’t force me please leave me alone, when God doesn’t want to help why will Sai and will your Sai return my mother. Chandulkar says we can’t bring back dead. Bapu Saheb says all this is false hope, my mother died because of me and no one can change this truth and I have no hope left and leaves. Meera says to Chandulkar, he won’t listen he has made his mind that it’s her fault. Chandulkar requests Meera to meet Sai, she will feel good. Meera agrees.

Meera with injured leg steps out with Chandulkar, they see cart hasn’t come yet. Meera says I can’t walks much. Chandulkar says you sit cart must be coming.
Meera sees Prahlad and friends playing and ask what are they doing. Prahlad says we are making house out of logs. Meera asks do you know. Ragini says we don’t but Sai taught us to try because when you try you turn impossible to possible and so we will keep trying. Ragini’s words motivate Meera.

Meera says lets walk, listening to these kids I feel like I have to try to go meet Sai and if I can’t I will stop but definitely try.

Sai sees an injured cow and walks to her and says I know you are in lot of pain but you keep trying and for this braveness you will be rewarded.
Chandulkar asks Meera to not take so much pain, he will get the cart. Meera says I don’t feel like lossing hope today.
Sai applies medicine to cow.
Meera feels better and notices she can walk without help of her stick and tells Chandulkar she is recovering. Chandulakar surprised to see Meera walk. Sai smiles.

Meera sees Sai, Chandulkar greets Sai. Meera in tears tells Sai about her accident and how she slipped and injured her leg and doctor said that she can never recover but after listening to kids I felt motivated and I saw you and its miracle. Sai says miracle is in your hope. Meera tells Sai about Bapu Saheb. Sai says I understand his pain, mother is God and so many can’t bare this loss. Chandulkar asks what should we do that Bapu Saheb comes to see you.
Sai starts coughing and asks Chandulkar to get water from well. Meera says I will get it from near by house, Sai says no from the well. Meera says now water is important not the place. Sai says just like Bapu Saheb, his problems won’t end by forcing him to meet me, we need to solve his problem. Meera says I have trust but my husband still leaves in past, Sai says patience and faith and soon Bapu Saheb will recover, its my promise.

Pre cap: Bapu Saheb sees Baizmaa cooking and says to her just like my mother cooked, smells same.
Keshav tells Sai he dreamt of building house for Sai. Keshav makes a design as Sai says. Chandulkar says it’s same as Bapu Saheb’s house in Nagpur.

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