Mere Sai 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update : Jhipri and Abdul patch up

Mere Sai 31st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abdul says to Jhipri you lied to me, if you didn’t want to help me you could have told me but you lied to me and now this drama. Jhipri says to him enough, I could have told you everything if you would have talked to me, you made an assumption and called me a culprit, I never expected this from you, I will never tell you truth because you don’t trust me and we don’t need to celebrate bhai dooj as well.

Tatya in Dwarka Mai helping Sai, Jhipri walks in, Tatya asks why are you so upset. Jhipri sits infront of Sai and starts crying. Sai asks Tatya to do a favour.

Abdul thinks about whole Jhipri incident. Tatya walks in and sees Abdul in tears and asks whats wrong. Tatya asks him is ot because of Jhipri. Abdul says I don’t want to talk about it.
Sai wipes Jhipri’s tears.
Tatya says to Abdul, I want to tell you something about Jhipri. Sai plays Shankh. The sound vibrations reach Abdul and Tatya, Tatya says Jhipri isn’t fraud but due to sound Abdul hears Jhipri is fraud. Sai says Jhipri quickly come with me. Jhipri follows Sai.

Sai and Jhipri reach Abduls house. Sai explains situation to Abdul and shows him truth. Sai says to Abdul, look what Jhipri has done. Orphanage care taker and kids reach Abduls house and thanks Abdul for sending gifts for everyone. Kids thanks Abdul and leave.
Sai says to Abdul, you didn’t meet Jhipri and so she went ahead and donated everything, she wanted to tell you but you avoided her and didn’t give her a chance. Abdul apologies to Jhipri, Jhipri says I am sorry to I should have explained but even I lost calm and left and its good we got rid of differences on bhai dooj so let’s forget the past.
Abdul and Jhipri celebrate Bhai Dooj. Sai asks Abdul to give his sister gift. Abdul says I have nothing after what she has given me but I promise she will never have tears in her eyes because of me. Jhipri says you are the best brother ever.

Sai advices everyone to not believe everything they see and analyse situations properly.
Sai sees a couple performing classical dance. They see Sai and greet him.

A woman wakes up and opens windows for aome sunlight. She prays to Sai’s photo that its her birthday today and to bless her to be able to support and keep her husband and keep him happy and keep them blessed as he always has.

Sai walks to dancers. They tell Sai they were practicing for a competition, Sai says you performed well and you two support eachother so well and love eachother and so the winning is definitely possible.

Woman’s husband stops her, he is dumb so by his sign language he asks her to rest more with her, she tells him she can’t because mother in law is already old and can’t see properly, he signs its her birthday today. She says she can’t give up work and they aslo have to go meet Sai. Husband gets upset.

Sai says to couple, don’t bring competition it between yourselves, always keep supporting this is Gods blessings, bad things change the equation and lead to ruining relationship always be grateful for your compatibility.

Pre Cap: Santa Banta attack dumb husband.His wife asks Sai, why are people so mean, why would they attack someone unknown.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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