Mere Sai 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update : Bapu Saheb denies to meet Sai

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Kulkarni makes tea and says my eye is twitching definitely something bad is going to happen. Tejaswini walks to him and says aren’t you used of bad news. Kulkarni saya don’t cross your limits. Tejaswini says this is all because of Sai and I feel bad for you, you always lose, better let just shift to some place. Kulkarni gets angry. Santa Banta rush to Kulkarni and says they have best news that Sai is going to build a huge new house and all devotees will help him build. Kulkarni slaps them and says what is good in this news. Tejaswini says what else was remaining he will build a house bigger than ours. Kulkarni says no one can build house bigger than mine. Tejaswini says Nana Saheb Chandolkar is in Shirdi and he has lot of rich devotees so he easily can build a palace here, so go stop if you can and leaves.

Meera walks to Bapu Saheb with Nana Saheb. Meera says you haven’t eaten anything. Bapu Saheb says I am not hungry. Meera says atleast have this milk. Bapu Saheb says leave me alone, I am fine. Meera says you are so much deeply lost in your darkness you didn’t notice I am able to walk properly without any pain. Bapu Saheb asks how did this happen. Meera says Sai’s blessings.
Bapu Saheb says I am so thankful to him for helping you but that doesn’t mean I will go meet him because that is not possible and if he can’t get me my mother back he is no use to me, I shouldn’t have come here, in Nagpur I could atleast feel Aai and so we will leave Nagpur today itself.

Sai asks Baizmaa to do him a favour.
Everyone gathers in Dwarka Mai. Sai asks them what is it. Nana Saheb walks in and says so happy to see you all here, I was bored in Dixit Wada and why are you all gathered. Sai says yes Abdul tell us. Abdul asks Malchapati to tell what it us. Malchapati asks Keshav to tell. Keshav asks Taty, Tatya asks Keval and Keval asks Patil. Nana Saheb asks what is it. Sai says they are here because I said yesterday that I want a house here and now they all want to build it and are scared if I would deny. Keval says I have a sketch ready and I dreamt if a house yesterday and it felt like you told me how you want your house and shows everyone sketch. Sai says beautiful. Nana Saheb says Sai I want to contribute. Everyone says they want to contribute. Nana Saheb realises its exactly similar to Bapu Saheb’s Nagpur house. Sai says I know you all have lot kf questions but for now its I am going to stay in Shirdi and forever.

Meera, Bapu Saheb and Nana Saheb leave for Nagpur. Nana Saheb says before leaving should we meet Sai once. Bapu Saheb says I don’t feel like. Bapu Saheb smells something and follows it excitedly. Nana saheb see Baizmaa cooking and starts crying and says it smells exactly how my mother use to make.
Bapu Saheb remembers how he use to stop her s mother from making any other vegetable and always asked her to make brinjals and he loved it the most and use to say no one can ever cook like she does.

Nana Saheb asks Bapu Saheb what is it. Meera says her food smells exactly like her mother in law used to cook. Bapu Saheb asks Baizmaa can he have some. Baizmaa invites him inside and serves him a plate. Baizmaa says I cooked this for you, Bapu Saheb tastes it and says tastes same too. Baizmaa says its mothers love, my son asked me to cook it for someone who is hungry for long to have food cooked by a mother. Bapu Saheb asks who is your son and how does he know. Baizmaa says nothing can hide from my son his name is Sai, he asked just sometime back.

Meera in tears seeing Bapu Saheb is finally eating. Baizmaa happy seeing Bapu Saheb eat so peacefully. Bapu Saheb tells Baizmaa after his mother left first time he felt so peaceful. Baizmaa says whenever you feel like please come I will happily cook for you. Meera asks Bapu Saheb to meet Sai once. Bapu Saheb says I just want to go home and think properly seating in Aai’s room.

Meera says lets take darshan in temple and then leave. Bapu Saheb says you two go, I don’t want to pray anymore to the God, who took my mother away from me.

Pre cap: Bapu Saheb prays to God that he wants to meet his mother and can’t live without her. Sai passes from behind.
Bapu Saheb sees a kid crying holding his mother and says save my mother I can’t let her die. Sai walks towards the boy to help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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