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Bapu Saheb tells Sai, his mother fastef for him and she died and so he is reason behind her death. Sai shows the dired plant and says this plant was growing well but suddenly started drying, I gave fertilizer water everything but it didn’t help because its life cycle, we cant change few things, mother gives you love and lot of blessings and like this plant parents can’t stay longer and just because it didn’t survive doesn’t mean it doesn’t have existence, this plant will live through this sappling and your mother lives within you and you can keep her alive by doing things that gave her happiness. Bapu Saheb says I need her blessings and teaching I can’t live without her, I can’t forget her and may be I am someone who couldn’t survive.

Sai gives Bapu Saheb a stone and asks him to keep in pooja ghar and says this will be like your mother who will answer all your prayers. Bapu Saheb says how can you compare a stone to my mother, I gave Sai a chance thinking he will give me my mother back, thought he understands me but gave me a stone saying its my mother, this is insulting and we will leave tomorrow morning.
Sai says to Meera have patience and faith.

Santa Banta disguised ask Bapu Saheb to pay them for thier mothers happiness as they had promised her gold chain. Bapu Saheb gives them gold chain and asks them to pray for his mother and leave.
Santa Banta decide to disguise everyday and steal from Bapu Saheb.
Bapu Saheb sees Sai on his way, he ignores and leaves.

Sai passing by, Abdul greets him. A woman walks to Sai and says my husband is unwell and I asked him to go check with some doctor but he isn’t listening. Abdul’s wife Rehana asks Savitri is she fine she used to wear gold, is everything alright. Savitri says yes. Rehana leave. Sai asks Savitri to give her husband this fruit and says don’t worry everything will be alright.

Jhipri talking to Rehana. Kulkarni passing bye sees them and gets angry and decides to teach them lesson, he takes cart through muddy water so that it splashes on them but Sai sees that and it splashes on Kulkarni. Kulkarni starts yelling at Sai, and says I am king here I won’t let you build your house here, I won’t give you permit you will stay here as a beggar.
Sai says my house is constructed and started living there too. Kulkarni says I will destroy your house. Sai smiles and says you can’t and may God bless you.
Kulkarni gets angry and leaves.

Meera packing, Bapu Saheb sees stone near his mother’s photo and says throw this stone. Meera insists him to keep it for her and Sai’s blessings. Bapu Saheb here its fine but not in Nagpur. Meera says okay and please wear pagdi like you used to earlier. Bapu Saheb says Aai use to help me wear. Meera walks to him. Bapu Saheb sees his mother in stone, and gets very happy, he sees the stone shine yellow and starts crying and says to Meera I found my mother she is with me, come lets wear yellow pagdi.
Bapu Saheb says how will I face Sai now, I insulted him. Nana Saheb walks in and says Sai never gets upset.

Santa Banta tell Kulkarni about Bapu Saheb and how rich he is. Kulkarni says Sai must have impressed him, he is very rich, keep an eye on him.

Pre cap: Sai in Dwarka Mai says someone is sad thinking of his future and someone is sad thinking of past.
Sai sews Bapu Saheb and asks him did he find his mother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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