Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Katha exposes Yuvraj

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor saying we have made the setup here at home, but you have to take care of Kabir, he can come out of coma anytime. Kishor says sure. Maddy cries. Katha comes. Maddy says stop, you can’t go to Kabir, stay away from him. Katha says Kabir needs me the most. Maddy says he is in this state because of you, get out of here. Katha says please, I request you, let me stay with Kabir. Deepa comes. Maddy says you did all this, Katha, if Yuvi did anything with you, then you were not a little girl, he didn’t force you right, if you had a relation with Yuvi, then it means your consent was there, when the truth has come out, you are blaming Yuvi. Deepa stops Maddy. Katha says I had loved Rahul, Yuvraj used that name and took an advantage of me, I know whatever happened between us, my consent was there, but it doesn’t mean that you take an advantage of someone’s emotions to win a bet, I gave consent for love, not for cheat, you think Yuvi is innocent, he had no idea, no, it was all his planning, he came in my life to ruin me because I got his friend Mukesh arrested, Mukesh was cheating his partner and marrying someone else, Yuvi cheated me and disappeared. Maddy says stop this drama, Kabir is in coma, Yuvi is in jail, Maasa’s BP is not getting down, your drama isn’t ending, get lost. Katha says no, I won’t leave Kabir and go anywhere, the day Kabir gets fine and he also feels it was my mistake, then I will leave this house, I won’t leave Kabir and this house.

Yuvraj asks Yash to free him, he didn’t do anything wrong. Chacha ji says don’t worry, we trust you, not Katha. Yash says bail isn’t easy, because the blame is serious, I will try hard and get you out in a few days. Yuvraj asks few days? Manju asks Maasa to have water. Some days pass, Maddy asks Maasa not to take tension. Maasa prays for Kabir. She falls sick. Doctor checks her. She asks Maasa not to take much stress, else she can get a stroke. Manju asks Maasa to have some food. Maasa refuses. Maddy says we have to make Katha out of this house. Deepa says please don’t give stress to Katha, don’t forget, Katha is pregnant. Maasa says no, this baby can’t be of Yuvraj, he can be a liar, not he can’t ruin someone’s life. Yash comes. He says I tried hard, but we will get the bail when the complaint is taken back, I m sorry. Katha cries talking to Kabir. She asks why are you suffering. Uma and Mannu come. Uma asks Katha to keep courage. Katha says its all my mistake, I should have not told this to Kabir but they were calling my baby a dirt, I couldn’t hear that. Uma says its nor your mistake, lie always comes out, Kabir had to know this truth one day, everything will get fine soon. Mannu says I m sorry, all this is happening because of me, I got blind in Yuvraj’s love, I couldn’t see Katha’s pain and fear, if I hadn’t told about Katha’s pregnancy, then we would have not seen this day. Uma says its not because of you. They hug and cry.

Deepa comes and says you have to do something for us, take the complaint back, just you can save this house from ruining, and save Maasa also, give another chance to Yuvi, maybe Kabir hears this and gets conscious. Uma says no, Kabir would never want that, this can’t happen. Deepa goes. Katha says time is testing me. Uma asks her to have courage. She hugs her daughters. Katha sits by Kabir’s side. She prays for him. its morning, Yuvraj signs the papers. He says I told you, inspector, I will get free soon, Kabir took the complaint back, I m his life. Inspector says Katha took the complaint back, not Kabir. Yuvraj asks what, Katha Shekhawat? Inspector says yes.

Yuvraj comes home with Yash. Everyone smiles. Maddy hugs Yuvraj. She says I knew you will come back home soon. Maasa also hugs him. Maddy gets aarti plate for him. Katha comes and stops her. Maddy says liar has come, she filed the case and took it back, she knew its her mistake, she did this to save herself, even Kabir would have not supported her. Yuvraj says yes, she has a habit to act great, she had to take the case back, she had no proof. Katha says you didn’t change after going to jail, don’t think I have withdrawn the case because I have got scared, I did this so that his apology can bring Kabir to senses, I just care for my husband, this won’t change the truth, you all wanted proof, right, I have it also, I will just get it. She gets a laptop. She asks them to see. Yuvraj gets shocked. Everyone is shocked seeing Yuvraj and Katha’s video.

Katha says its that day’s footage when Yuvraj became Rahul and told me that its his birthday, he said he is an orphan, so I did this for his happiness. She plays the next video. She says Yuvraj and I went on bike ride, do you remember it Yuvraj, this is real Yuvraj and this is his truth, he is shouting that he never met me, he is lying.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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