Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir comes out of coma

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraj thinking how did Katha get these footages. Katha recalls talking to ACP. ACP says we got some footages, I will mail it to you. Katha says when Manyata had cut her wrist, I got all these footages, I thought to show Yuvraj’s truth to her if she doesn’t agree to me. Uma asks Maddy to think what lacked in Yuvraj’s upbringing. Maasa gets angry on Yuvraj. She slaps him. Everyone looks on.

Maasa scolds him. She says you ruined a girl’s life for a bet, you didn’t think about us, about your sisters, I hate you, I feel ashamed that you are my son, disgusting. She apologizes to Katha. She says you tried to tell me the truth, but I scolded you, forgive me. Katha says its not your mistake, Yuvraj cheated us. She asks Yuvraj to meet Kabir and apologize to him, maybe he gets fine. Yuvraj thinks I have to feel guilty and pretend of apology, until I find another way. He goes to Kabir. He asks Kabir to talk to him. He says I know I have hurt your heart, I did wrong with Katha, just open your eyes once for my sake, I promise, it will happen as you say. Kabir gets shaking. Yuvraj asks did you forgive me. Maasa and Katha shout and call the nurse. Nurse checks Kabir. She asks them not to trouble the patient. She injects some medicines. Kabir gets normal. Yuvraj leaves. Maasa says Kabir needs you the most, trust your strength. She hugs Katha.

Maasa and everyone do the arrangements. Maasa says Navratri is starting today, we all will pray, Kabir will get fine. Katha keeps the kalash and prays. She does the aarti. She prays to Durgamaa to give strength to Kabir and her. Pandit gives prasad to everyone. He blesses her to be a Suhaagan always. Katha comes to Kabir. She says Durgamaa will make you fine soon, I won’t have water and food till then, you always take a stand for me and our child. She asks the baby to adjust today. She says your dad does a lot for us, we will tolerate a bit for his sake. Its morning, Uma and Maasa come to see Kabir. They see Katha. Uma asks Katha to have food. Katha says no, don’t worry, I m fine, I won’t have water and food until Kabir gets fine. Maasa keeps a puja. Everyone attends the puja. Uma prays that Kabir gets fine, he is a nice person. Katha is with Kabir. She recalls Uma’s words. She sees Kabir and her marriage pics. She asks Kabir to see the pics. She smiles. She says Kabir, you remember Nainital, you got that coin, and Muskaan cake, I can never forget it, the entire universe wanted us to meet, you always say that I made your life better, truth is that you made my life better, I can’t live without you, please get up. She cries. She says I know you are waiting to hear this, I don’t know when did this happen, you are the best, I will tell you today. She goes close and says I love you, I really love you Kabir, I want to become your wife in every birth, you are the reason for my smile, please come back to me soon. Kabir moves his hand. She smiles and says come on, you can do it Kabir, please get up. Kabir opens his eyes. Katha says I really love you, Kabir. Kabir smiles and says I love you too, Mrs. Shekhawat. She hugs him. He wipes her tears. They smile seeing each other and hold hands. Katha kisses his forehead.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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