Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Katha unite

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir stopping the police. He says you can’t take Katha, you know Yuvraj has confessed his crime, Katha is a victim. Katha says I killed your brother, I have no right to kill someone, I should get punished. He says I should get punished, I couldn’t become a good doctor and good husband. She says your love gave me a new life, I never saw a nice person like you, please don’t think you failed, let me go. Kabir says no, you won’t go. He hugs her. Inspector says let us do our work. Uma and Mannu cry. Constables make Kabir and Katha away. Katha is taken away. Mannu says we will bring Katha home, we will do this legally, calm down. Kabir cries. He goes back to the family. He holds Maasa. Everyone cries for Yuvraj.

Katha is in lockup. Kabir comes to meet her. She smiles seeing him. They both hold hands and cry. He asks her not to worry. He says I will take you home soon, don’t worry. She asks why did you come here, you should have not come here, please go, move on, everything is over. He asks what got over, what are you saying. She says our relation got over, we have no future now. He says I can’t live without you and our baby. She says I don’t deserve you, I did a big crime, I can’t forgive myself, just go. He says you are my life, understand. She says I just got problems in your life. He asks her to please understand. She says don’t come here again, please leave.

Maasa and entire family come. Maasa says it’s a brave thing to fight the evil. Katha says forgive me. Maasa says if you didn’t kill Yuvraj, then he would have killed Kabir, I had to lose one of them, he had done wrong with you and had to lose his life, when he was in jail, we wanted to give him another chance, he was our son, you are also bahu, you should also get another chance, come home. Katha says I can’t come home, forgive me, I was very helpless that day. She cries.

Maddy says please Katha, Maasa needs you, Kabir needs you, we all need you, you have to take care of the family, you plead not guilty in court, lawyer will handle everything, I know what a woman goes through when someone does wrong, at least for my sake, for your baby’s sake, for Kabir’s sake, please come home, forgive me, I know I did wrong with you, I m sorry. Katha says please don’t say sorry, it was not your talk. Maddy thanks her. Maasa gives the statement to the inspector. She says you have seen it, Katha is innocent. He asks did you give the statement yourself or by someone’s pressure. Katha says no, I gave the statement myself, I did that in self defence. He says fine, your bail formalities are done, sign here. Everyone smiles and hugs. Kabir sees Katha happily.

After seven months, Kabir takes care of Maasa. He says its been 7 months now. She says yes, I have no reason to live. He says don’t say this, we can’t change the past, we are trying, you have to try too, come, have food. Katha comes and gives medicines to Maasa. Maddy says you should take rest in the last month of pregnancy. Katha gets the pains. Maasa says I think its time, I will become Dadisa. Kabir and everyone wait in the hospital. Kabir says its 3 hours and no news. Doctor comes and says congrats, it’s a girl. Everyone gets happy. Kabir thanks the doctor. Everyone hugs. Kabir rushes to Katha.

He meets Katha and the baby. Everyone smiles. Kabir thanks Katha. Maasa says I will keep a big party for the baby’s Naamkaran. Kishor and everyone see the baby. Mannu takes their selfie. Everyone welcomes Katha, Kabir and the baby home. They all dance. Maasa does their aarti. Kabir and Katha cut a cake. Kabir names the baby Muskaan Katha Shekhawat. Katha smiles. She says she is our smile, Katha has given many tests to bring her in the world, Katha is strong, Muskaan has to become like her mum, don’t leave anyone who troubles anyone, who says that a mum can’t give her name to a child, she can give it, a mum is a complete power, so her name is Muskaan Katha Shekhawat, Katha explained this to me. Katha says yes, a mum can give her name to the baby, you are the world’s best dad, our Muskaan is the most lucky one to get a dad like you, I m the most lucky woman to get a husband like you. Maasa asks Muskaan to make their name shine. Kabir shows the baby’s bracelet. He makes the baby wear it. Kishor says she is so lovely, she will become our pride. Everyone smiles and hug.

The show ends on a happy note

Update Credit to: Amena

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