My heart’s Nightingale { ShanKi FS – Shot Two}

A woman came to meet the girl . She sat besides her and looked her emotionally

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Shaan : Excuse me who are you ,do you know Puchki ?

The woman said : I am Puchki’s unfortunate Maa.

Shaan ; What ? You are mother of Puchki .Mam how many times we tried to contact Puchki’s parents . One of her friend only bought her here. You know what’s her disease ?

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Woman : I know Doctor. She has underwent stroke in her brain . I am aware about it.

Shaan : Mam you came to see your daughter these much late , why ?

Woman : I need to leave, my husband will be waiting for me .

Shaan : Are you Puchki’s Maa ? Your daughter’s condition is so critical and you are going away. Normally when the child feels a simple fever also among all the persons the who worries  severely for that child will be his Maa only. But you are leaving your child , how can you do that ?

That woman suddenly held Shaan’s hands and said

: My daughter’s life is at your hands now. Please save her . When she asks did her Maa come to meet her then show this doll to her . I am helpless, I can’t stay with my daughter. Beta, I have no answers for your questions, but truth is when my daughter is facing the worst pain I will also feel pain because I am her Maa.

She walks away from there . Shaan looked Puchki who was still sleeping calmly at the bed. Shaan gently called her Puchki

She opened the eyes and sees the doll in his hand. Suddenly she waked up and screamed : Maa !!!

Shaan ; Puchki!!

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Puchki ; Did you see my Maa ? How is she ? Why Maa didn’t stayed here ? Maa….Maa….

Shaan : Puchki !!! Calm down. Please …..You was sleeping , then how ?

Puchki looked at the doll

Puchki : My Maa only brings doll for me , Doctor .

Shaan : You are right .

Puchki : Did she say something ? When will she come ?Where is she now ?

Shaan : Don’t know. She said she is helpless and when you will ask for her she told that I should give this to you. It’s for you

Shaan gives the doll. Puchki keeps the doll in shoulder and smiles

Shaan : You likes your Maa very much , won’t you ?

Puchki ; I love my Maa.

Shaan : Then why she left you that way …

Puchki : For that man only, My so called dad ….

Shaan : Puchki !!! Don’t think over the bitter things . It can affect your heath.Have this medicine

Puchki : Doctor I can’t have it

Shaan takes a toffee from his pocket and opens it wrapper.

Shaan : After having tablet chew this toffee. You will feel better.

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Puchki : Doctor , you always takes toffee for all those patients who refuses to have tablet, won’t you ?

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Doctor : Nothing like that . I was taking toffees to children ward only. In between I came here to see you .

Puchki : Anyways I like toffees , thank you

Doctor : How are you feeling now ? Did you feel any difficulty at your back head ?

Puchki : Little a bit it’s paining. But fact is I am getting bored. How long one can stay in bed only ? Doctor please allow me to go out for an hour. I swear I will be in this compound only. Please please please

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Doctor : Sorry Puchki, you are a patient .  I can’t do it .Please try to understand

Puchki : Just for an hour. I swear I will be in this verandah only. If you won’t trust me then you can send a nurse also with me .

Doctor : Why ? Are you going to run from here ?

Puchki : Nothing like that . Bleeding of my head has been stopped and wounds are also dressed up. I have no problem in my hands and legs, so obviously I feels to walk for some time . Please doctor

Doctor : Fine . But just for an hour only ….After that you have to be here. And one of our nurse will be also with you . If you feels any difficulty please tell to her immediately.

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Puchki : Sure doctor …

Shaan : Shaan, that’s my name

Puchki : Oh!!! Nice name

Shaan arranges a nurse and leaves from there. With nurse Puchki goes to the front area of hospital.

Puchki thought : I have to meet Maa somehow . But this nurse , god show me some way .

Suddenly the nurse’s mobile started ringing.

Puchki : Sister your phone is ringing , Pick up the call

Nurse : I know but it’s from my lover. I won’t attend personal calls at my duty time. It’s against the rules of hospital.

Puchki ;What if he is calling in an emergency ?

Nurse : Whatever happens I will not attend it.

Puchki : May be he will think that you have  no time for him and he might be thinking about breaking up with you.

Nurse : Shut up. My Vicky can never do this to me .

Puchki : You don’t know the nature of guys. If we ignores them they will go behind other girls.

Nurse : Is it ?

Puchki : Ask to your lover, he will tell to you.

Nurse : Is it ?

Puchki : See he is calling again, pick the call.

This time nurse picks the call. As soon as the nurse was much involved in the phone call Puchki slowly started running from there . But she couldn’t run long as she felt much pain and she felt everything before her as dark. She was about to faint, but suddenly Doctor Shaan hold her and sprinkled water drops at her face. They both looked each other’s eyes

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Shaan : Are you alright ?

Puchki : Yeah. Thank you.

Shaan ; Why was you running through the compound ? Why don’t you understand the seriousness of your disease ?

Puchki : So you want to say that may be I will face death, won’t you ?

Shaan ; I didn’t mean that , Puchki.

Puchki : I have to accomplish my dream, for that I need to meet my Maa.

Shaan : Your Maa will be arriving shortly to see you. And dreams, once you are cured fine, you can do it.

Puchki : I don’t have that much time Doctor Shaan.


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