Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Sends Arjun to UK To Enquire About Akash

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akash tells that Vidhi and he will not be in contact with their friends, family or office colleague.
Dev asks what is this condition? When a girl is going away from her family, she will miss them
definitely so she wants to talk on phone or wants to be in touch with them. Akash says you are
not married so you don’t know how the family members interfere between a couple. He says he
wants to set their own values and culture, and they will only talk. Dev says I don’t understand
this. Akash says not just Vidhi, even I will not talk to my parents or friends. He asks Vidhi to
say, and says if you agree then I will agree too. Bimla asks Akash’s mother to say. Akash’s
mother asks Bimla to let him do what they wants. Arjun comes there with Dev’s trolley. Akash
asks who is he? Dev says he works in my office. He takes Arjun outside and asks him to go to
London immediately. He says enquire about Akash. Arjun asks if you have any doubt on him.
Dev says yes. Arjun says I am glad that you are thinking so much for Vidhi and says I hope you
will attend the marriage. Dev asks him to go. Bimla asks Hariprasad to talk to Dev. Dev asks
Hariprasad to agree for engagement. Hariprasad agrees to Akash’s condition. Dev thinks I will
handle if anything goes wrong, but I will not let anything wrong happen with you.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that it is good that everyone liked the dinner. She says she will give milk
to the guests. Hariprasad asks about Dev. Bimla says Vidhi has taken milk for Dev Saheb. Vidhi
goes to the room and thinks she has kept the milk and the room is cleaned. She thinks if the
mosquitoes come, and thinks to burn the mosquito mat. Dev comes there. Vidhi shouts. Dev asks
her not to shout and tells that he is thinking to go home, and will come in the morning. Vidhi
says the arrangements is not upto your standard. Dev says arrangements are good, and tells that
her parents will get stressed, which he don’t want and the guy’s family is also here. Vidhi says
when you are here, then my Mummy Papa’s stress is less. She asks him to stay there tonight and
says please. Dev says ok. Vidhi thanks him and asks him to tell if he needs anything. Dev says
your arrangements are good. Vidhi asks him not to be scared of Moshak Raja, rat. Dev says I
will sleep peacefully in your Moshak Raja’s rule. He gets Satyavati’s call. Vidhi goes. Satyavati
asks if he wants something then she will send. Dev says no. Satyavati asks him to help Vidhi,
they are really nice people. She says I don’t want to trouble you, but. Dev asks her to say.
Satyavati says Chitra called and said that Amba is missing. Dev says she is grown up and will
return, and asks her to ask Chitra not to worry.

Dev tries to sleep and recalls Akash’s words. He thinks if Akash has problem in himself, or if I
am trying to get forcibly. He thinks if I am possessive about Vidhi, or protective. Vidhi gets up
and says Dev Sir got ready to stay here at my one saying, but why don’t he understand that I

don’t want to do this marriage. She says I had agreed to marry on his saying, and thinks he shall
understand his feelings, else she will sleep and dream about him. Dev comes to the window.
Vidhi also comes to the window. They reminisces their moments. Song plays.
Akash and his family are having breakfast and hopes that Vidhi makes tasty food like her
mother. Vidhi asks if they got good sleep and asks if Moshak Raj troubled you. She indirectly
asks Dev. Akash’s father tells that cat dranked all the water. Vidhi says cat drinks milk. Akash
says we had all the milk. They laugh. Vidhi asks about mosquito. Akash asks if mosquitoes also
drink milk. Hariprasad says good humor. Vidhi says sometimes people understand, but
sometimes stay ignorant after understanding everything. Akash says there is third reason too,
people don’t want to react due to their own reasons.

Urmila, Pramod and Golden come there. Urmila tells Vidhi that she wants to talk to her. She
looks at Vidhi adorably, and tells that she didn’t keep any fast for her marriage, but had always
prayed for her, that she will be going to UK after marriage. She asks Vidhi to talk to Dev about
Golden’s job and says she will become support of your father. Vidhi says she will talk to him.
Dev tells Vidhi that nobody can take her place in office. Vidhi asks what is my place? Dev says
you have made place in everyone’s heart due to your good nature, but I don’t see any quality in
Golden like you, says you are an asset and I am going to miss you, then tells that they will miss
her in office. He says I was about to give you another project after FM project, but now you will
leave. Vidhi asks will you miss me just in office. Dev excuses himself saying he has an
important call to make. He goes to room and thinks he is thinking about her, rather than taking
her out from his mind. He thinks what is the answer to Vidhi’s question.

Precap: Vidhi thinks just few days left for engagement. Dev prays to Milapni Devi for Vidhi and
asks her not to let anything wrong happen with Vidhi. Pandit ji says marriage mahurat is after 3
days. Vidhi tells Dev that he is a good teacher, but he shall listen to his heart, and not of lens of

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