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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hariprasad gives snacks to the groom and his parents. The groom’s mother says you have temple at house, so the environment of the house is good. Laali says it is God’s blessings on everyone. The lady says that’s why Vidhi got the job with Raichand for Rs. 15K salary. Hariprasad says it is upto you that she will continue her job or not. The groom’s family tells that they will not refuse to let her continue. Hariprasad tells that the company asked her to pay for her MBA. Vidhi says for that she has to do job for atleast 6 months. The groom says it is good, we will buy a flat, your company gives housing loan. The groom’s father and mother gets happy too. Laali says if everyone agree then we shall fix the alliance. Vidhi thinks of Dev and pulls her ear, then she asks herself to control.

Chitra meets Dev. He says why you didn’t tell that you have come, else I would have come home early. Satyavati asks him to sit. Amba says hi. Priya says she will get the food served. Satyavati tells that Priya has organized the dinner, and the credit to her change is Amba. Chitra says everything is sorted, if someone comes in Bhai’s life. She asks Satyavati, shall I start searching for bhabhi. Satyavati says I have talked to someone, and will tell everyone at the right time. Dev says you didn’t tell me. Priya thinks touchy touchy, thinks Amba is doing this so that she can get Dev. She thinks she will not tell her.

Urmila brings her daughter golden and tells her that Vidhi shall not marry. Golden says she will handle everything. She greets the guests. Urmila greets them and asks Hariprasad why didn’t they tell her. Hariprasad asks shall we fix the alliance. Urmila tries to say. Laali asks her to come with her. Arjun decides to capture the moment and a stand falls down with his knee. The groom’s mother asks Bimla to see inside. Bimla says she will go there. Golden says she will go and see. She sees Arjun in the room and says handsome guy in Vidhi’s room.

The groom says he wants to take Vidhi’s test. Hariprasad says what test. Golden says if you had worked with her, then wouldn’t have hide from everyone. She says I will tell everyone about you. Arjun says why, as you are her cousin. Golden says she didn’t get job, but Vidhi got the job and also boyfriend. Arjun says ok, and asks her to coffee date. She gets happy. He says let me see what is happening. The groom asks Vidhi to eat banana. Bimla says Vidhi doesn’t like bananas since her childhood. The groom insists. Vidhi takes the banana in her hand and peels its skin fully, and bites it to eat. The groom tells his mother that Vidhi has failed. The groom says I can’t do this marriage. Hariprasad asks what happened? The groom says if someone peels all the skin of banana, then it means that she is a spend thrift, it is psychology test. Bimla and Hariprasad argue. Hariprasad says it is our devotion that this is happening with Maa’s blessings, this is right for my daughter that this alliance is not happening. He gives them prasad and says it is good for mind. Vidhi gets emotional and hugs Hariprasad. Arjun comes out and says I am impressed, truly Amrish Puri style…take prasad before leaving. He asks Vidhi to peel the banana again.

Next day, he shows the video to the colleagues infront of Vidhi. They laugh it off. Arjun acts as the groom. Dev comes there and says this is office and personal talks and gossip is not allowed. Vidhi says sorry. Dev asks her to come to his cabin. Vidhi goes behind him. He asks why you didn’t tell me about the groom and his family coming to see you. Vidhi says I didn’t tell as it was personal. Dev says it was related to office too, if you marry then will give application for formality, if you want to leave job then we need to see replacement for you. Vidhi says that alliance. Dev says I want to tell you that he don’t want to interfere in her personal matter, but your life can’t interfere with office life. Vidhi says that alliance haven’t happened. Dev nods his head. Vidhi also nods her head. Dev says ok and asks her to go and work. Vidhi says ok, shall I go? He says ok, thinks why I was angry on her. She goes and thinks why he got angry, and opines that he might be in bad mood, or don’t want her to marry.

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