Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev tells Vidhi that he couldn’t believe what she has done today. He says you have done stunts to stop me. Vidhi says I stopped you so that his confidence. Dev says what about your confidence and says Abhimanyu got ready due to your confidence, did meeting with investors and convinced them, this all happened due to your confidence. He says understand that this is done by you, and says your own confidence shall come out. Vidhi nods her head. Dev says I will be indebted to you all my life, says you keep calculation of thank you and sorry and asks about it. Vidhi asks shall I give it in writing or typed. He says he was joking.

Amba is on call with yogesh and kanika and comes to know about Vidhi stopping Dev. She asks if Dev didn’t scold her. Yogesh says Dev appreciates her for convincing Abhimanyu. Kanika praises Vidhi. Yogesh asks her to make Vidhi’s temple and do sadsang. He says it is team effort.

Satyavati takes off bad sight from Abhimanyu. Priya says our tension ended because of you. Abhimanyu says it is because of Vidhi and praises her. Priya asks him to give some credit to him. Abhimanya says she has made me ready and then she didn’t take the credit also. Satyavati says her upbringing is good. Dev tells his employees that Raichand group is a family which stands in difficult times. He claps. Yogesh says you are not just my friend, but my yaar and I did what I can do anything. Dev says this appreciation is for everyone, specially Vidhi. He says she has taken a decision, about which I was not confident and was against it. He says Vidhi didn’t think about herself and her job. He says she is good example to team spirit. Vidhi says Arjun helped her equally. Arjun says she was in high spirits and would have called Genie to call you.

Dev says tomorrow is Diwali pujan and you all shall come. He gives them 2 months bonus and asks them to accept it as the token of appreciation. He hugs his employees and then shake his hand with Vidhi. He thanks Vidhi.

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