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Bimla takes out the crockery set gifted by Peeli and thinks it will be useful today to give breakfast to guests. Vidhi thinks if Dev came to know about her feelings and if he felt bad. Dev thinks if Vidhi was talking about him, and thinks if he is infatuated with him. Bimla breaks a plate and gets worried. Vidhi comes there and asks her if she is hurt. She says she will bring the broom and sweep the floor. Bimla says they haven’t come till now, and I am worried. Bimla says if he started talking in English, then what we will reply. Vidhi asks them to take a breath, sit on sofa and have coffee. She gives them coffee tumblers. Dev gives coffee tumbler Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says you remember about my choice. Dev says Vidhi said that I shall take coffee home. Satyavati takes coffee and thanks Dev. Dev is about to give it to Priya, when she tells that he cares for the staff members, his brother, but doesn’t know that she dislikes it. Dev says I know, but I thought. Satyavati asks what did you bring for us, Priya. She tells Dev that they shall send coffee for Chitra and Amba. Priya hears Amba’s name and tells that she will drink the coffee.

Vidhi tells her parents that Dev Sir sent the coffee for them. Bimla says only Dev can handle the groom’s family. Hariprasad checks the coffee rate and says 650 Rs for coffee, and asks Vidhi why did she let him take costly coffee. Just then the door bell rings. Bimla says if the groom family came. Hariprasad says they will come at 9 pm, and says may be some devotee came to do darshan of Maa.

The prospective groom and his parents come there. Hariprasad says I didn’t identify you. The groom’s father tells that they reached before 9 pm so that they come to know the reality. Bimla asks them to sit. The groom asks her to talk to him in hindi and says he is not britisher. He praises Vidhi and her parents for sitting together and having coffee. Vidhi misses Dev. Dev gets hiccups. Satyavati brings sugar bowl and asks him to keep some sugar under his tongue, and then hiccups will go. Dev takes sugar and keeps it under his tongue. Satyavati laughs and tells that she used to miss Shantanu and that’s why he used to get hiccups. She asks who is missing you.

The groom tells Vidhi that they both have 2 mins each to question each other. Vidhi says I want that my lifepartner shall be understanding, shall respect me, care for me, shall understand my flaws and support me.

Dev tells Satyavati that Vidhi said that her parents are searching life partner for her, so I asked her about her preference. He says she was clear what she wants and tells that he thought that he is left very behind and needs to be updated. Vidhi says I want to work after marriage. The groom says you can work for self confidence, and says I have a condition that my wife shall give half salary to her parents. Hariprasad and Bimla don’t agree. The groom says Vidhi shall take up responsibility of both, like I have been taking care of my parents. Bimla and Hariprasad get happy.

Satyavati asks dev, what kind of guy, Vidhi likes? Dev says she wants understanding, humble, matured guy. Satyavati says it is common and asks him to say what kind of girl, he likes. Dev says why to think, when I don’t have to go there. Satyavati asks him to tell next time, and think it as a homework. She says she has a girl in mind. Dev says you are clever Maa.

Vidhi tells that she is about to do MBA, as office is sponsoring her fees. The groom says if she wants to do MBA in US, then he will pay her fees and says there are many advantages. Vidhi thinks if I marry him, then Maa, Papa and Dev Sir will be left behind. Hariprasad assures him. The groom says they will shortlist three girls and then he will meet them. They go. Vidhi says what he said that three girls will be shortlisted. Hariprasad and Bimla like the guy. Bimla asks what do you want, he will support you. Hariprasad says it seems we got lucky since Dev came here. Vidhi asks them not to be happy and says final round is still remaining. Hariprasad says how she is talking to us. Bimla says we have to handle her till marriage, she is nervous hearing about it.

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