Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vidhi Impresses Satyavati

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satyavati looks at the wall photos. Bimla tells her that Vidhi got confidence since she started working with Dev. Hariprasad tells that Vidhi couldn’t tell that she has done a mistake. He says they were worried about her, but since Dev Saheb kept hand on her head, I feel proud of her. Satyavati says my Dev is such, wherever he goes, he touches people’s heart, and you people are truthful people and Dev is just the way to help you. Bimla also appreciates him. Urmila asks Abhimanyu, how many companies he handles. He says nothing. Urmila says why we shall waste time here and goes. Priya says how dare she? Hariprasad tells Satyavati that Dev is simple and went to khawo gali as Vidhi insisted. Priya tells abhimanyu that she will call Satyavati and they will leave. She goes inside and hears Hariprasad telling whatever Dev had eaten in Khawo gali. Vidhi says Kaluchacha haven’t come till now. Hariprasad says Dev had the tea in the small tea cup. Vidhi tells that the presentation was good. Hariprasad tells about Dev dancing on the song. Vidhi gets tensed. Dev comes there. Abhimanyu tells dev that Vidhi’s family is full on entertainment. Hariprasad asks Satyavati to make him have churan for better digestion. Bimla tells that Vidhi had kept fast for his recovery. Priya thinks Dev is very playful. Dev comes there. Hariprasad says we were talking about you, you had chaat in khawo gali. Vidhi signs that her father told Satyavati. Satyavati asks Dev if he had gone to Khawo gali and tells that Hariprasad told her about Churan. Dev says we shall go. Priya says we are getting late. Hariprasad tells Dev that they are of same age, but he (Dev) is more superior than him in understanding and experience. He says if they are doing wrong in choosing Vidhi’s alliance, then he shall tell them. Satyavati asks him to ask Vidhi’s opinion. Hariprasad says both have same advice.

Some neighbors come there and says they will do garba. Bimla asks them to wait for sometime and see the garba. Satyavati convinces Dev and others. Everyone starts doing garba dance. Abhimanyu and Priya also join and do garba. Vidhi dances and imagines dancing with Dev. She comes out of her imagination and looks at dev who is watching her. Vidhi’s earring fall down on the ground. Dev notices, walks towards Vidhi and picks the earring before Vidhi would get hurt. He holds her hand to stop her and gives earring to her. Vidhi wears it. Everyone smiles.

Later Vidhi thanks Bimla and says she was very hungry. She tells that Dev Sir’s family members are lovely and Satyavati ji is simple and she is so beautiful. Hariprasad says Satyavati ji is alone too and is living life alone since 20-25 years. He tells that she has raised her kids alone, as her age difference with Dev’s father was much. He says he didn’t understand such marriages and says age difference is what matters the most for me. Vidhi gets tensed and says I will get clothes from the terrace. Satyavati comes home with Priya, Dev and Abhimanyu. Priya says I can do this for you. Satyavati tells Dev that she would like to help for Vidhi’s marriage. Dev smiles. Satyavati asks him to take her to Khawo gali next time. Dev thanks her for understanding. Vidhi thinks Dev Sir looks so good when he smiles, thinks Papa is always right, but age difference matter, I don’t believe. She says Satyavati ji was right and knew what she wanted from life, and she might have got immense love from Dev Sir’s father. She says what matters is love and the age difference really doesn’t make any difference. Song plays…..

Next day, Vidhi tells Dev that Amba Maam. Dev asks what happened to her? Vidhi says nothing had happened, but everyone was saying that if you don’t go to Amba’s party then nobody will come. Dev says who told this and says I will come surely for my staff, this is the celebration of everyone’s hardwork. Vidhi says ok.

Amba comes to the pub. Yogesh and Kanika say hi Amba. Anaya, Arjun and Rishabh come there. Amba says welcome. They wait for Dev to come. Vidhi thinks I shouldn’t have come here. Amba says I didn’t expect you here. She takes her from there. Vidhi refuses to wear the dress given by Amba. She says sorry Maam. Amba asks if you can’t wear this for your dev sir.

Precap: Vidhi is wearing a modern outfit and dances in drunkard state and falls on Dev. She says sorry. Dev gets shocked and asks who has done this, tell me and if I try to enquire then it won’t be good. He asks who made her wear this dress.

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