Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Refuses to Marry Amba

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhimanyu tells Dev that Chitra wants Amba and him to get married. Dev is shocked. Chitra asks Dev to agree and tells that they will look after everything. Abhimanyu says Amba ji is perfect choice for you. Dev is in shock. Abhimanyu asks when you are making Amba as our Bhabhi. Dev gets up and goes to his room. Hariprasad asks Vidhi to think who can trouble her, and who wants to harm her. Bimla asks did you have fight with anyone in the office. Hariprasad says if this continues then I have to take a big step. Vidhi goes to the inhouse temple and thinks what to tell them, that Amba is doing this, as she wants Dev and that’s why wants her to go away from him. She says she can’t tell them, if she tells then she has to them about her feelings. She thinks if she tells Dev then he will take action against Amba.

Dev thinks this is done by Amba, she has trapped him and is doing wrong with Vidhi. Vidhi comes to meet Amba. Amba says so nice to see you. Vidhi says you have sent this gift, but I don’t accept anyone’s gift. She asks what is your problem with me and says Dev Sir doesn’t listen to me, he understands truthfulness. She says if you love him then why don’t you try to get him with full honesty. She says you have 6 diseases anger, possessive, greed, hatred, jealousy etc. She says people can be saved from big diseases, but these 6 diseases don’t leave till death. She says I don’t know if Dev sir will accept you or not, but I am sure that he will never accept you. She says you have connected your happiness with the person who was never yours.

Abhimanyu asks Dev to open the door. Satyavati starts crying. Dev opens the door. Satyavati asks him to tell. Dev wipes her tears. Dev says Chitra, I can’t do this, and asks her to ask something else. Chitra says Amy Mausi is perfect for you, so you can’t tell that you are burdened by responsibilities. Dev says Abhimanyu has joined office just now, I have to be still there. Priya asks why you are making Abhimanyu as scapegoat and asks if you want to keep business in your control. Dev says I am not selfish. Abhimanyu asks Priya not to doubt Dev bhai’s intentions. Abhimanyu asks Dev to think again. He says we all know Amba and like her, we feel that your Jodi will be good. Vidhi shows the dress and asks didn’t you feel ashamed to give this dress in my Papa’s hand. She asks her to hang this dress on the wall, so that it reminds her that she has stoop low in her jealousy. Satyavati asks Chitra not to pressurize Dev. Chitra says Dev Bhai will be bachelor all life, he shall set his life and asks what is wrong with Amy Mausi. Priya says she will be never brought here as bahu, as she is a successful business woman and handles big business alone, if she comes here as Raichand bahu then Raichands will be humiliated, as bahus don’t go to work, but Mummy ji can change her rules for Dev’s wife. Satyavati says rules are same for everyone. Chitra says I thought you will be happy and marriage date will be taken out. she tells Dev that he has broken her heart and says threatens him emotionally. Dev goes behind her. Satyavati and Abhimanyu get worried. Satyavati cries.

Rani tells Vidhi that she has become big model and tells about the hoardings. Vidhi says it was hanged by mistake. Rani asks about Arjun. Vidhi says she is getting late for office and goes. Bimla gives sherbet to hariprasad, and says she wants to calm down his mind. She shows the gift which Arjun gave to Vidhi with his first salary, as she helped him. Vidhi is going to office and hears people gossiping about the hoarding and feeling pity on Hariprasad. Vidhi takes out pen and paper. Bimla tells Hariprasad that Vidhi will return else will give him return gift. She asks Hariprasad about Vidhi’s alliance with Arjun. He says their status don’t match and he doesn’t like love marriage. Bimla says I like arjun, Vidhi doesn’t know about it. She says if Vidhi likes someone, then also she will not tell us. Hariprasad says he is getting late. Vidhi comes home. Bimla says you had gone for office. Vidhi says I wanted to give you something. Vidhi gives the resignation letter.

Precap: Bimla calls Kanika and tells that they had talked about Vidhi’s alliance. Dev tells Satyavati that Chitra is not picking the call. Satyavati says Amba has come to talk.

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