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Naagin Season 6 23rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana thinking Pratha calling her as her daughter. She recalls Anmol asking her to do her haldi, thinks how to let Anmol marry Rudra. Rudra sees her and thinks he don’t want to marry Anmol, can’t ruin her life like this. Prarthana takes the bride clothes for Anmol and thinks where is she? Someone lights the match stick. Rudra tells his parents that he don’t want to marry. Anmol comes to her room and finds her dress burning. Pratha and others come there. Sayali says who has burnt it? Urvashi says Prarthana brought it. Pratha thinks this is done by Urvashi. Prarthana tells that she had kept it, but haven’t done anything. Pratha asks Anmol not to worry, as she will give her bridal wear to her. She asks Urvashi to come with her. Prarthana thinks she has to stop the marriage somehow. Rudra tells his parents that he doesn’t want to marry Anmol as he loves Prarthana. His father asks if he talked to Prarthana and says if Rishabh comes to know then he will ruin your life. Anmol’s friend hears them.

Pratha takes Urvashi and Patali to room, and tells that she is Shesh Naagin and will kill them. She holds them in her tail. Patali thinks she doesn’t know that she is not Shesh naagin. Pratha warns them and goes with her bridal wear. Urvashi says she doesn’t know that she is not shesh Naagin. Patali says she had killed my daughter. Urvashi says she had killed my daughter. Patali says she has to choose between Anmol and Prarthana, and her heart will wrench when this happens. Pratha brings Anmol to the mandap, while Rudra’s friend brings him to the mandap. Anmol smiles as she comes and asks Prarthana to come with her. Prarthana walks with her. Sayali gives the garland. Rudra and Anmol take it. They exchange the garlands and sit for marriage. Rudra still thinks of Prarthana and looks at her. They begin doing the rituals. Prarthana goes to side and switches off the main switch. The friends tell, how the marriage will happen in this darkness. Prarthana blows heavy wind. Anmol coughs and asks for water. She herself goes to drink water. Pratha thinks if this is the sign of some trouble. Prarthana takes the avatar of Rudra. Anmol comes there. He (She) gives her water. Anmol faints drinking it. Prarthana as Rudra lifts her and thinks she has saved her sister. She makes Anmol lie down on the bed.

Rishabh goes to check the fuse. Prarthana comes and sits with Rudra, with veil on her face. Rishabh keeps hand on her head. They start taking rounds. Pandit ji asks him to make her wear mangalsutra and sindoor. Rudra makes her wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor in her maang, when Anmol comes there and calls Pratha. Pratha and others are shocked to see Anmol there. Pratha says who is sitting on the mandap. The wind comes and the veil is lifted from her face. Everyone sees Prarthana sitting with Rudra. Anmol comes to the mandap and sees Prarthana sitting with Rudra. Pratha asks Prarthana what you are doing here, why did you change place with Anmol. Anmol says she had gone to drink water, when she fainted and someone dropped her to room. Pratha makes Prarthana gets up and slaps her hard. She says how did you do this, how can you sit on my daughter’s mandap. Prarthana says I couldn’t find Anmol and that’s why sat on the mandap, as mahurat was ending. She says I thought to make Anmol sit, but she didn’t return. She says I thought that your prestige and respect shall not get ruined. Rishabh asks Anmol why did she go from mandap. Anmol says she had gone to drink water, when she fainted. Rishabh asks who gave you water? Anmol takes Rudra’s name. Rudra says I didn’t give her water. Anmol’s friend says I will tell you truth, Rudra was lying. She says Rudra didn’t want to marry Anmol as he loves Prarthana. Rishabh gets angry. Patali and Urvashi smiles.

Rudra’s father says it is not true. Anmol’s friends blame Rudra. Pratha says she will check the camera. Everyone sees the CCTV footage in which Rudra is giving her water. It shows that he had added sleeping pills in the water. Prarthana thinks Rishabh and Rudra shall be insulted badly, and this is the start of her revenge. Rudra says this is lie, I was not there. Rishabh asks then who was it? Prathana thinks I was there. She says I am sorry, I wanted to save your family’s respect and prestige and that’s why I did this. Rudra says this footage was wrong, I was here only. His parents tell that they don’t regard this marriage, and that Rudra and Anmol shall marry. Anmol says even I don’t regard this marriage and tells Rishabh that she will marry him. Sayali says Rudra and Prarthana are married now. Rudra’s mother asks Rudra to sit on the mandap for marriage with Anmol. Rishabh asks Prarthana if Anmol can marry Rudra. He asks Rudra if he loves Prarthana. He tells Rudra that if he loves Anmol then shall tell. Prarthana thinks she married him to save Anmol. Rishabh asks Rudra to answer him. Anmol asks him to answer. She says Rudra doesn’t love Prarthana, but loves me. She says we shall get married. Rudra brushes off Anmol’s hand and tells Rishabh that he respects him a lot and saying truth. He says yes, I love her, I love Prarthana. Everyone is shocked. Rudra says I tried to tell Anmol, but she didn’t listen to me. He says I should have talked to you directly. He says I love Prarthana.

Rishabh says you have played with two girls’ heart, you love Prarthana and your marriage will be done with her. He tells Prarthana that she doesn’t have a father and whatever she did is to save their respect. He asks her to think him as her father. Pratha says Rishabh. Rishabh says I am doing what is right for Anmol. He tries to make Anmol understand to let Rudra marry Prarthana. Anmol asks Rudra why did you do this, when you knows that I love you since my childhood. Rudra apologizes for hurting her sentiments and tells that he will take away his wife. Rishabh stops them and asks Prarthana to think him as her father, and tells that it is his responsibility to complete the marriage. He tells Rudra that he will never forgive him, but he is not upset as he didn’t ruin Anmol’s life. Pratha thinks there is something wrong. Anmol tells Rishabh that she thought that he loves her. Rishabh says yes, but I can’t make any guy love you forcibly and says you didn’t lose Rudra, but Rudra lost you. He promises to search a good guy for her. He asks her to let it happen, and tells Prarthana that she looks exactly like Pratha, and they had married in such a similar situation. She says I am like your Papa, so I will do your kanyadaan. Prarthana says ok Sir. Rishabh says Papa. Prarthana calls him Papa. Anmol thinks this girl has snatched my love and Dad is supporting her.

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