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Naagin Season 6 24th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prathna dances on a snake charmer’s flute tone. She falls near the temple. She shouts maa. Pratha turns and falls on the floor. Naagmani leaves her naval. Chanda asks Pratha if she is fine. Pratha says she is fine and girls to Anmol’s room. Pratha notices Anmol is sleeping on the floor and not getting affected because of the red moonlight. She chants om Namah Shivaya. Snake charmers try to catch Prathna with a net. Prathna drinks milk from the vessel near Shiv Ji. She falls unconscious. With Shiv Ji’s blessings, Naagmani enters Prathna’s naval. She wakes up. Snake charmer says no one can save you from me tonight. Pratha feels happy seeing Anmol. She sees toofan and thinks it’s not like a normal toofan and something in this world is going to change. Prathna confronts Snake charmer how dare he to challenge her? She changes to her Shesh Naagin form and says she is Sarva Shresth Naagin. Snake charmers play flute tone. Prathna kills them. She feels dizzy and falls on the floor.

Professor Jeet waits for Prathna. He sees toofan and thinks what it’s signing? Hopes Prathna is not Pratha’s daughter. Angel asks Takshak who will tell her aim to Prathna. Takshak says this world will guide her. Later Prathna wakes up and thinks about what happened to the snake charmers and why they fell unconscious. She doesn’t remember anything then she sees time and leaves for home taking her spectacles. Pratha notices the shadow of some person and goes to see who’s it. Naageswari turns. Pratha says granny this impossible occurrence. Nageswari says an unlikely event is going to happen. Pratha wakes up from her dream and thinks about why she got this kind of dream.

Prathna returns home. Jeet asks where she went all night. Prathna says she went to finish the assignment assigned by her boss. Jeet says you’re talking without stuttering. She stammers to manage him. Jeet asks if she can see without spectacles. She says she can’t and wears spectacles. She feels it’s clumsy. She asks her dad to get her coffee. She thinks how her sight and stammering are gone. She purchases a similar frame to manage her dad.

Rudra talks to his friend about Isro. Prathna enters Rudra’s room and tells him that Snake charmers thought of me as Naagin and tried to kidnap me. Rudra’s friend hears it and smiles. Rudra disconnects the call. Prathna asks why he sends her to those people who are risky. Rudra says journalism is not about man and woman and you can leave if you can’t work in tough times. Prathna apologises to him. Rudra says your voice is set. Prathna stammers. Rudra says it happens in anger. Prathna leaves.

Friends of Anmol try to cheer her. Anmol says Rudra hurt me by rejecting me. Friends say it’s good and his rejection made you visit Newyork and we are accompanying you. Rishabh cleans his old gun. Pratha tells him that they can’t force anyone and it’s good that Rudra refused now itself. Rishabh says Rudra hurt my daughter’s heart. Pratha asks him to break the steps as they hurt her feet. Friends ask Anmol if she informs her decision to her father. Pratha comes there and asks why is she packing her luggage. Anmol says she is planning to go to Newyork. Rishabh says it’s good and we can make it a family trip. Pratha says they have a charity event in the evening. Anmol refuses to attend it but later agrees learning Rudra is coming there. She leaves with her friends. Rishabh asks how she has changed her decision. Pratha hugs him.

Prathna goes to the recording room and watches footage of snake charmer. That flute sound scares Prathna and she comes out of the room and collides with Rudra. He asks if she is fine. She says she is fine. Rudra asks her to come to cover the event. Prathna agrees and tells him that she will come. She goes to the washroom and thinks about what’s happening to her.

Rudra tells his friend and team that someone is killing influential people and we need to cover this event to know who is behind the attacks and if we find it then it’s going to be a big revelation. Pratha goes to the recording room and plays the snake charmer recording. Prathna feels some sensation. Rudra calls Prathna and asks her to come soon. Prathna meets him. Rudra scolds her for taking a long time. He asks her to sit in the car. They leave for the event.

At the event, Anmol feels bad seeing Rudra. She sees Prathna and recalls Rudra’s words that he met someone who exactly looks like Pratha. Anmol goes to Prathna and hugs her. Prathna gets surprised. Suhasini and Tara smile seeing them. Tara says they came in a good time and these sisters don’t know that they are sisters and they are unaware of toofan that going to come. Anmol tells Prathna that Rudra is correct about her. Friends tell Anmol that Karthik Aryan is waiting for her. Anmol says she will leave for New York meeting Karthik Aryan. Rudra hears it. He asks Anmol why she is going as it’s not part of her schedule. Anmol says many things are happening without my wish. Rudra apologizes to her for last night and is about to tell her the reason for rejecting the proposal but his team members call him saying the minister is here. Anmol says leave as I’m busy too as I’m a showstopper of this event. Tara says they don’t know what’s going to happen tonight.

Minister starts the event. Rudra asks his team to cover every inch of the event. Minister says the amount collected in this event will be handover to charity. Tara observes the minister. Suhasini meets Pratha and tells her that she didn’t change. Rishabh says he is saying the same. Suhasini thinks she won’t change as she us Naagin but happiness will leave her life.

Episode ends.

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