Naagin Season 6 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 2nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana coming home. Jeet asks where did she go? She says she had gone for jogging. Jeet stumbles and falls. Prarthana asks what has happened to him. They hear the news about the scientist death. Jeet tells Prarthana that he has to go and complete all his work before Durga puja. Prarthana asks him to sit and says so many things happen and many people die daily and you think people’s death as murder. She asks him not to go out today and tells that she has to go to her office else boss will throw her out. Jeet asks her to promise him that she will marry Manav. Rudra tells Prarthana that an attack is going to happen on our country, and thinks how to sit at home. Rudra tells that pandemic had striken 21 years ago, but it was resolved soon. He says who is doing this. Jeet says who is doing this? Zang comes to meet his partners and says I was shot the republic day, but their bullet didn’t hurt my brain and I got fine in few months. He says he came back to take revenge. He says you might be thinking why I want revenge from India. Jeet thinks what is their aim. Rudra tells that one death is common in it. Naman says they would have killed the people openly and they wouldn’t have died naturally. Zang says they had come to know about our plan and that’s why we have to kill them. Jeet looks at the murdered people’s hands and finds mauli tied to them. He thinks which is the temple, where they had gone. Rudra tells that today he is going to expose an attack on Indians, which seems to be natural, but it is not natural. Jeet thinks this guy can help me as he feels that he is saying the same thing as he thinks. Zang says today they will do Ravan dahan, and will celebrate Vijay Dashmi. He says we want something badly, that’s Shesh Naagin. He says Shiv ji stays here, and that’s why vardhani was born and Snakes takes human form. He says Shesh Naagin exists. The partners tell that they don’t believe in such things. Zang says she will come whenever there is an attack in the country. Anmol calls Rudra and tells that she is stuck as the attacked happened somewhere. Rishabh tells Pratha that it is a big conspiracy and not an ordinary one. He talks to army chief. Pratha thinks Shiv ji sends someone to save people. Rishabh tells that army chief that the attack is big.

Rudra leaves from there to save Anmol worriedly. Rishabh calls Rudra’s office and comes to know from Naman that Rudra has gone to Unnati maidan to save his fiancé. Rishabh and Pratha get worried and leave from home. Prarthana gets Manav’s call who invites her to Unnati’s maidan. Prarthana tells Naman that they shall go there and cover the news.

Jeet takes the proofs and thinks he has to go out and give proves to Rudra. He feels apologetic for breaking promise made to Prarthana. Rudra reaches Unnati Maidan and sees Anmol standing fine. Anmol says if she had said truth then she wouldn’t have come. Rudra scolds her and says I left live show for you. Anmol says sorry. He says if something had happened to you, then? she says care for me. He is upset. Anmol asks him to enjoy. He says he don’t want to enjoy like this. She asks him to go. He says sorry, what I shall do? Anmol asks him to play dandiya with her, and asks her friends to show his costume.

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