Naagin Season 6 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 8th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prathna asks her dad to wake up for her. She cries for him. Weather depicts Prathana’s state. Pratha notices the weather and feels it’s depicting someone’s pain. Pratha prays to Durga maa. She decides to take Shesh Naagin’s form after so many years to kill the Mahasasur. She leaves. Prathna comes to Durga maa idol. She prays goddess to give her strength to kill the asur. Animal Asur comes there. Prathna changes to her Naagin form and fights with Asur Animal. Pratha changes to her Naagin form and comes there. She fights with Asur along with Prathna. She thinks who’s the Naagin fighting with Asur? She leaves once Asur is weakened thinking she can’t come in front of her clan as she is not using her powers from a long back. She leaves. Prathna kills Asur with Trishul and comes in her human form. Police enter there. Prathna thinks who’s the Naagin who fought with Asur along with her?

Prathna goes to Jeet and asks him to wake up. Jeet gains consciousness. He tells her that their nation is in danger and I’m not your real father. Prathna says you’re my real father. Jeet says it’s time for me to leave and I’m worried for you and our nation and those people are risky and will ruin the nation. Rudra says he can’t leave leaving his employee and returns to the event area. Prathna asks him who are those people. Jeet signs his finger. Prathna gets shocked seeing Rudra. Jeet leaves his last breath in Prathna’s lap. Police don’t allow Rudra and co to inside. Pratha thinks about why she is feeling sad. She decides to meet the professor to get answers to her questions.

Prathna notices the bracelet in Jeet’s hand. She thinks about whose bracelet its. Pandit asks her to perform the last rites. Prathna does Jeet’s last rites and swears revenge. Pratha calls Professor but his phone doesn’t get connected. Pratha thinks about how to meet him as he is the one who can show me the way. Prathna thinks she won’t do visarjan until she takes her revenge. Manav asks Prathna to control herself. Prathna says she is unable to control herself. Manav asks her to marry him as it’s her dad’s wish. Prathna says she can’t marry him at this time. Manav reminds her that she promised her Dad to marry him. He says they can marry simply. Prathna asks him to give her some time. Manav agrees. Prathna thinks the bracelet will make her reach the killer of her dad. She thinks Rudra can’t be killer but why does Dad sign toward him?

Naman informs Rudra that Prathna is nowhere to be found and hopes nothing wrong happens with her. Rudra stops him from talking about anything bad. He says she might be with her fiance. The next day receptionist informs Rudra that someone leave a message for him. Rudra asks her to get the message. Rishabh comes there and tells Rudra that they can save the nation by working together. Prathna enters the office. She notices the CCTV footage and learns her dad came to meet Rudra at the office. Rishabh tells Rudra that till now he didn’t like him but his love for the nation changed him. He tells next Monday is your marriage. Rudra sees Prathna leaving. Prathna thinks the killer can’t be Rudra and Rishabh. She meets the Receptionist and asks if anyone came to meet Rudra. The receptionist says someone came and gave this message. She asks her to give it to Rudra. Prathna thinks about what work Jeet has with Rudra.

Rudra collides with Prathna and scolds her for not attending his calls. Manav comes there and asks him to not scold Prathna as her father has died and she came here to ask for more leaves. Rudra feels bad and tells her that she has his support. Manav says she has me and tonight is our wedding. Tara collides with Prathna. She drops the bracelet. Tara apologizes to her. Rudra says it is mine and thanks her for getting it. Prathna thinks Rudra is his murderer and thinks to kill him and Rishabh. Anmol comes there. Manav invites them to their marriage.

Later Pratha thinks about why Jeet is not answering calls. Anmol asks Pratha and Rishabh to perform Kanyadan of Prathna as she lost her dad. Prathna and Rishabh agree. Prathna sees many people and asks Manav who are they. Manav says they are his relatives. Prathna thinks about how can she marry without taking revenge. Manav places Jeet’s photo in the mandap and sends Prathna inside to get ready. Pratha and Anmol come to the wedding venue and they go to meet Prathna. Prathna calls Rudra and reminds him today is her marriage and asks him to come to her marriage. He agrees. Rishabh knocks on Rudra’s room door. Rudra disconnects the call. Anmol goes to Prathna’s room. Pratha stops outside to attend to Rishabh’s call. Anmol tells Prathna that she and her mom came to get her ready. Prathna thinks she is going to kill Anmol’s father and fiancee. She tells Anmol that she will get ready by herself. Anmol agrees and leaves the room. Prathna goes out through the window.

Rishabh and Rudra discuss about recent deaths. Rudra says nothing is similar. Rudra says Mauli is similar and it’s from the same mandir. Rudra tells him some unknown man informed him. Rudra searches in google and finds the temple. Rishabh says something might be special in this mandir and that’s why terrorists are targeting the people related to this mandir. Zain reveals his intentions to the people who are supporting him in the mission. Prathna reaches to office. Rudra thinks about how the light goes off. Prathna thinks she won’t leave the people who are responsible for her dad’s death. She attacks the office. The whole building gets shaken. Rishabh and Rudra try to escape from the office. Rishabh notices their place is getting attacked. Pratha feels worried for Rishabh’s safety after noticing the problem with her nuptial chain.

Precap: Pratha learns Prathna is her daughter.

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