Naagin Season 6 9th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 9th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana thinking if she kill the two guilty persons then many people will die, and thinks she can’t take others’ life. She becomes snake and leaves. Rishabh asks Rudra if he is fine. Rudra says yes. Rishabh says whatever happened here is beyond our understanding, and asks him not to tell Pratha and Anmol about it. Pratha calls Rishabh. Rishabh says he will be coming home. Prathana comes home and says I couldn’t kill them, I will tell Manav that I can’t get married to him. Just then Anmol comes there and asks Prathana to get ready. The ladies come there and ask Prathana to get ready. Anmol says she will get her ready. Prathana says she can’t get married to Manav, as she has some incomplete work to do. Anmol says she has come with all the family and her parents will do her kanyadaan. Prathana thinks she won’t let her father’s murderers do her kanyadaan. She says my dad will do my kanyadaan and asks her to give her dad’s photo frame for her kanyadaan. Anmol searches for it.

Pratha thinks she came to someone’s marriage, but she has to search professor fast and try to help him. She says Rishabh and Rudra are trying to find out about the enemies, and thinks she has to save them too. Anmol comes there and searches for Prarthana’s father pic. Pratha asks her. Anmol tells that Prarthana wants her dad to do her kanyadaan. She gets it and tells Pratha, that she will give it to Prarthana. She collides with a girl who is carrying flower petals basket and the photo frame falls down from Anmol’s hands. Pratha catches the frame in her hand and moves the flowers from the frame to see Professor. Anmol comes there and gets the frame. Pratha asks how did she know Professor Jeet patel. Anmol says he is Prarthana’s dad who died 2 days ago. Pratha is shocked.

Prarthana talks to Jeet’s pic in her mobile and says I couldn’t get justice for you, and couldn’t kill your enemies. She says I am feeling very sad today, I know that you are not my real dad, but you are my father always, I don’t care who is my real parents. Pratha realizes Prarthana is her daughter, who is her lookalike. She asks Anmol, where is Prarthana? Anmol says she is upstairs. Pratha runs to Prarthana’s room and sees her. Prarthana is also surprised to see her. Pratha asks if you are Jeet Patel’s daughter. Prarthana recalls Jeet saying that she is not his real daughter. Anmol comes there and asks Pratha that she is sure that she would have looked same as Prarthana in her bridal clothes, with same glow on her face. She asks her to come and says everyone is waiting. Anmol and Pratha bring Prathana downstairs. Rishabh sees the resemblance and gets surprised. Pratha thinks how to tell Rishabh that she is our daughter. Anmol tells Rudra that their marriage will happen like this. Anmol’s friends come there. Anmol says she is jealous and asks if Prarthana is her Mom’s lost and found daughter. Prarthana thinks her mom married him (Rishabh) who took her father’s life.

Rishabh ask Pratha, how her face resembles like her. Pratha says there are 7 persons who are lookalikes. She says when she saw her, she was shocked. Prarthana sits for marriage with Manav. Rudra thinks of Prarthana. Prarthana thinks may be Pratha’s husband is my Papa, but only her Papa is her Papa. Pratha thinks Suhasini aunty shall reply to her. She thinks this is my daughter, wrong girl came to me, don’t know how. She thinks she can’t tell anyone. She comes out, sits in the car and leaves. She comes to Suhasini. Suhasini asks why did you come in this storm? Pratha says you have brought storm in my life and asks why did you change my daughter. Suhasini says yes, I did this, as I hate you and wanted your daughter to be away from you, and says I am your enemy. She then tells that Professor did this, and says he had knew well about it, and says I don’t know why did he give you the wrong baby. She says when I saw Prarthana, I understood that she is your daughter. She tells that she didn’t tell them as they were happy with Anmol and Professor was happy with Prarthana.

Prarthana thinks she can’t marry before taking revenge. Pandit ji asks Prarthana and Manav to stand up for the rounds. Anmol ties the ghatbandhan. Prarthana faints. Rudra holds her. Anmol asks him to take her to her room. Rudra takes her to her room and removes her specs. Anmol goes to bring juice for her. Rudra looks at her.

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