National Daughters’ Day: TV celebs express the joys of being a parent to a daughter

National Daughters’ Day: TV celebs express the joys of being a parent to a daughter

Daughters are a blessing and today we are celebrating them with the National Daughters’ Day. TV celebs also express their joy of being a parent to a daughter.

Yashoda from Doosri Maa, Neha Joshi’s mother Hema Joshi, talked about it and shared, “The first time I held Neha in my hand is still so fresh in my mind. I was filled with emotions when she looked at me, and tears rolled down my cheeks. A lot of people present there thought I was crying because it was a baby girl and started consoling me. And I had to correct them: “No, these are tears of joy because I was hoping for a baby girl” (laughs). That moment was so precious and could not be expressed in words. Neha has always been a very compassionate, loving, disciplined, studious, and creative child. She used to entertain all her friends and family members through her singing and dancing. I supported her in every way, and apart from her studies, I gave extra care to her extracurricular activities. Today, I am immensely proud to see her successfully balancing her personal and professional life. Her simplicity and understanding of the situations make her different from others. Even after moving to Mumbai and currently shooting for her show Doosri Maa, Neha never missed a day, no matter how busy she was, to call and ask ‘Aai Jevlis?’ Did you finish your meal? My bond with her is more of a friend than a mother. She is someone who calls me at random hours, and we share everything. There are a lot of times when I seek advice from her, and she also corrects me if I do something wrong. I have complete faith in her and she is the one who knows all my secrets. Whenever Neha visits home, she is like a chirpy bird who fills the house with happiness and positivity. On National Daughter’s Day, I would like to tell all the parents to acknowledge and appreciate their daughters by telling them how important they are to them”.

Rajesh Singh, from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Kamna Pathak’s father, Ajay Kumar said, “The day Kamna was born, I remember telling my wife, “Aaj Hamari mano Kamna poori hui. And that’s how my father and I decided to name her Kamna for the rest of her life and she is the only fortunate grandchild in the family named by my father. Kamna’s presence in my life is extremely important. The house we live in Indore is also known as “Kamna”, as I saw all my hopes and dreams for the future beginning to blossom. Whenever somebody comes and tells me that we saw your daughter in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and she is an amazing actor, I feel extremely proud. Kamna was very upset when she had to leave us and shift to Mumbai for her work commitments. But let me tell you, she still makes sure to celebrate all her special days with her family, right from her birthday to the festival. Despite her busy schedule, she keeps a regular check on us. She speaks with my wife and me and hears us out. Rather than being proud, I feel blessed to have a daughter like her.”

Anita Bhabi from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, Vidisha Srivastava’s mother Meena Srivastava, shared, “God has blessed me with two lovely daughters, Vidisha and Shanvi. And I feel no one can understand a mother better than her daughter. Being a working parent, I always removed time for my daughters and that made our bond even stronger. Whatever time we used to get, they made sure to be with me and share everything they had on their mind and heart. When they grew up, they started cooking and arranging things to make my life easier. Both are successful actresses today, but I feel proud to see how they balance their names, fame, and families. I cannot imagine my life without my daughters, as they make me feel complete. On this day, I would like to say, celebrate having a daughter every day”

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