Pandya Store 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta attempts to rob money

Pandya Store 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deven saying take Chiku back, I don’t want him, I want money, get it from anywhere. She says I don’t have any money, Pandyas won’t have any money, she will just have 40-50 lakhs, that’s all. He laughs and asks do you think it’s a less amount, you get that money and give it to m, I will leave you both and delete that video. She says I will not do any mistake before. He says take your time, then tell me when will you get the money. He goes. She cries. Dhara worries. She sees Shweta coming home with Chiku. She asks where did you go, don’t you worry for him, he got kidnapped once. Shweta asks why would I want him to get kidnapped, I felt suffocated and went out for a walk. Dhara says next time, inform and go. Shweta says Chiku is my son, I can’t stay bounded here because of your fear. She thinks and apologizes. She says I promise, I will always tell you before going. Dhara asks why were you crying. Shweta says everything is happening in rush, so I got emotional. She gives Chiku to Dhara and goes. Its morning, Krish dances and does the decorations.

Dev says you have all the time to hear the romantic songs, play garba songs. He asks Shiva to tell Krish. Shiva goes sadly. Krish says Raavi is angry on him. Shiva stares at him angrily. Shiva goes to Raavi. She turns to go. He says I m not a stranger. She says no dear person can do such a thing. Krish dances. Suman smiles. Dev says I will change the song. Rishita says leave it, focus on our baby, we have to go for vaccination. Dev asks is it due. She says no, focus on our baby more than Krish. Krish and Suman ask them not to fight. Shweta’s mum Jankana calls Suman and asks can we keep engagement before marriage. Suman says do it as you like, we will keep the engagement tonight. Jankana says I will be there. Suman calls out Dhara. She tells about engagement. Shweta looks on and says they want to get engagement done, Deven wants the money. Dhara asks Suman for the money to buy ring. Suman asks when will you arrange the money. Dhara says Gautam will get it tomorrow. Suman says fine, I will give it now, but return it to me later. Dev says yes, engagement will happen today. Krish gets shy. Deven calls Shweta. She says give me some time to think. He threatens her. She says if you loved me, then spare me. He says don’t say this, I feel hurt, just rush, you know my speed. Shweta goes and sees Suman getting the money from the locker. Suman gives the money to Dhara. Pandit calls them out. They both leave. Shweta goes inside and opens the cupboard She sees the money.

Suman talks to the pandit. She asks Dhara for the keys. Dhara says I left before you. Suman goes to her room. Rishita also goes. Suman sees Shweta with the chest. She asks how did you come here. Rishita says we never dared to enter her room, you are eyeing the treasure, what is this. Shweta says no, I was passing by, I saw the cupboard open and some money fallen here, I kept it back and was leaving, check, I didn’t take any money. Suman says you shouldn’t come in my room, go now and buy a ring for engagement. Shweta says sorry and goes. Rishita says she is playing the victim card. Suman asks her not to become a bad sister in law. Krish hears Shweta and asks the problem. Suman checks the money bundles. She says its fine. Krish asks is there any problem. Shweta says no. She lies to him. He says we will handle it together. She gets a call. Suman says I had taken out the money and kept the chest back, I had locked the door, money didn’t fall down, cupboard wasn’t open, I just forgot to take the keys, is Rishita’s doubt …..

Everyone does garba and enjoy. Krish says this engagement won’t happen, I have a surprise for Shweta. Shweta is shocked seeing her ex.

Update Credit to: Amena

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