Pandya Store 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krish decides to marry Shweta

Pandya Store 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta asking what is Chiku doing with you, he was with Dhara. Krish thinks how to give you Chiku to you in this state. He asks for Chiku’s blanket. She gives it. He goes. She says I can’t run away, I have to do something else. Its morning, Rishita makes Sanchi ready. Raavi gets Arnav’s call. She says I will come, but late, Chiku is going to his home today. She says I did all the work, Dhara has to make the food. Shweta comes with Chiku. Rishita says I have to go out, Sanchi’s vaccination is due and I have to go to the police station. Dev says no need to go anywhere, I will go. Shweta thinks to delete everything related to Forum from her phone. Shiva gets her phone. Chiku cries. Dhara gives Chiku’s clothes and toys. She asks Shweta to hold Chiku well, he will fall. Rishita says she will learn from her mummy now. Suman says yes, you don’t need to care now. Dhara says Shweta didn’t even learn to hold him right, she doesn’t know about his medicines also. Gautam asks Dhara for his wallet. He sees Chiku’s handprints. He recalls Dhara’s words. He prays for Dhara. Shweta’s parents come to take her. The dhol plays. Raavi says they got the dhol. Dhara runs to the kitchen. Gautam comes downstairs and asks for Dhara. Raavi says she is in the kitchen. Suman says let her be alone. Dhara says I can’t see Chiku going. Rishita says Shweta you should be happy that you will be going home finally, you will have just one work there, taking care of Chiku, what’s better than this for a mum. They see Shweta’s parents coming with fruits, gifts and flowers. Suman asks what’s the need of all this when you are taking Shweta. Shweta’s mum makes Suman wear the garlands. Suman says thanks, but my birthday is over. Shweta asks for Dhara. She says you are doing a great thing, when you have sent the alliance for Shweta, then why are you sending her home. They all get shocked. Suman asks whose relation and with whom. Dhara says whose marriage talk is happening. She goes out to see. Shweta’s mum says you have sent the marriage proposal for Shweta, right. Suman asks with whom. Krish comes and says with me. Everyone is shocked.

Suman gets angry and scolds him. Shiva says he is eager to marry. Shweta thinks this is another problem. Rishita asks do you want to marry this Shweta. Krish says yes, what’s bad. Rishita says you are studying, you aren’t ready for responsibilities. Shweta says I can’t marry, I m not ready for this, I just came out of a toxic relationship, Krish doesn’t love me, he pities me, I can’t ruin someone’s life, Krish you can’t do this. Krish asks why do you feel I have sympathy, not love. Suman scolds him.

Gautam says you didn’t ask us once. Dev says donkey. Shweta scolds Krish. She says I don’t know what will happen, I have a big responsibility on me, its not easy. Krish says nothing is easy, we have to make a start, we have entire life to know each other. Rishita says it’s a big commitment, marriage is not a joke, you are taking it light. Shweta’s mum says Krish isn’t a kid, he might have thought of it well, I m happy that I got a good hearted guy for Shweta, Suman is blessed, her four sons have great thinking, I praise your upbringing. Krish says Dhara has done my upbringing. Suman gets angry on him. Shweta says I m leaving from here. Her mum says we will go home and talk. Dhara recalls her words to Krish. Krish takes Chiku from Shweta and gives him to Dhara. He says you can think and tell me your decision, I will accept Shweta’s decision. Shweta and her parents leave. Suman says your elder brothers didn’t decide anything without asking me, you decided to get married, you will marry a baby’s mother, why, don’t do this. Krish turns away. She says fine, hear my decision, this marriage won’t happen. Rishita says it doesn’t matter Shweta is single or a baby’s mum, I get negative vibes from her. Raavi says then it means Krish can’t marry until you approve any girl, if Krish likes Shweta, then we should support him. Dhara holds Krish. He says answer me right, are you doing this because of me, so that Chiku doesn’t get away from me.

Krish asks do you really want to marry me, will you regret. Shweta agrees to marry. Krish says we will go to temple right away and marry. Suman threatens Krish.

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