Pandya Store 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta agrees to marry Krish

Pandya Store 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara saying if you are doing this for me, then I can’t forgive myself, will you give a big sacrifice, will I let you do this, tell me the truth. He thinks sorry, you have forced me to say this. He starts scolding her. She says I was just asking. He asks her not to ask. He says this decision is not taken for your sake. He asks what’s your problem, everyone has a right to love, except me. He argues with Rishita. Dev says we want your betterment. She says I don’t see any love between you two, this marriage won’t stay for one week, the woman who didn’t become a good mother, how will she become a good wife, so I had to fit the cameras in this house. Dhara asks what did you say, you did this because of Shweta. Rishita says yes, I knew it, Shweta is doing something to make Chiku away, when he disappeared, she was talking to someone on phone, she didn’t give blood samples to doctor, she knows that girl Forum, I would have proved it. Raavi says stop it, how many blames will you put. Rishita says Chiku rarely cried since the cameras were installed. Raavi says Shweta isn’t the culprit, I m with Krish. Dhara also stands with them. She says if Shweta has no problem, then even I have no problem. Suman says you think Krish is doing right, if you are thinking that you will get Chiku after marriage, then this won’t happen. Shiva says its a big dilemma. Gautam says we should know who is right and who is wrong. Raavi asks why are you doubting Dhara. Suman scolds Dhara. Dhara says situation is such, you all will think I m doing this for Chiku, its about Krish’s happiness. Gautam says we should get Krish and Shweta married if they both are ready. Shweta gets angry and argues with her mum and dad. She asks how can you decide for my life. Suman says Krish is young, how can he decide. Dev says he isn’t a kid now, he has thought well, so I m also with him. Shiva also stands with them.

Shweta’s mum scolds her. Shweta says you can’t decide my future on the basis of my past, I don’t want to repeat my mistake. Her mum says you can’t get any better life partner and family than Pandyas, they have less money, but they have a big heart. Shweta asks what about love, I don’t love him. Her mum says your marriage will happen in Pandya family, its my last decision. Rishita says I don’t know, on what basis, he decided this, but that girl isn’t right for this house. Suman says you are sensible, all these fools are attacking me, Krish is my son, I can see that his happiness isn’t with Shweta. Rishita says don’t worry, Shweta is so smart, I don’t think she will agree for marriage. Krish worries. She says Chutki is also on our side. Shweta asks her mum to see the truth, Krish wants to marry for the sake of money and status. She says I will go from here if you force me to marry. Her dad asks her to get lost. He asks how dare you threaten us, money and status are ours, not yours. He says we are naming everything to Chiku, you decide what you want to do, you have to marry Krish if you have to keep relations with us. Shweta says you can’t do this with me. They explain Shweta. Her dad asks her to run away if she wants. Suman calls out Rishita. Everyone comes. They see Shweta and her parents coming. Suman takes Chiku from Dhara, and gives him to Shweta. She says you are sensible, I m with your decision. She asks everyone to say good bye to Shweta and Chiku. Shweta says I m ready to do this marriage. Dhara hugs her and thanks. She unites Krish and Shweta’s hands. Suman shouts Dhara.

Krish asks do you really want to marry me, will you regret. Shweta agrees to marry. Krish says we will go to temple right away and marry. Suman threatens Krish.

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