Pandya Store 23rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Krish worries by Shweta’s absence

Pandya Store 23rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev asking Raavi to get sweets for Arnav. Arnav asks her about the foot injury. She says its fine now, I took painkillers, I didn’t need to visit a doctor. She goes. Shiva looks on. Krish says Kirti left me and even Shweta is planning to leave me. He calls Shweta. Jankana says Shweta came to meet us, she was missing us. Krish says okay, she had a headache, I came to see her and she wasn’t here. Jankana says sorry, I will get her home. She asks Shweta to go home alone. Shweta refuses. Jankana says get out, stand on road and decide what to do. Shweta cries and thinks I won’t leave Dhara. Dhara asks Suman to keep the papers in the locker. Suman says okay. Dhara asks shall I make Chiku with me. Suman says its just 24 hours and you got your rights on him. Krish says Shweta is really emotional. He gets the flight tickets and says so she is going to surprise me, where does she want to take me. He checks her Dubai tickets.

He says Dhara will handle my brothers, where did Shweta keep my ticket. Dhara says no, I m saying this for Krish and Shweta’s sake, they don’t know each other well, they can have Chiku after few days. Suman asks from where did you learn all this, you have a big heart. Dhara says from you, and hugs her. Dev comes and calls out Krish. He asks about Shweta, Arnav is waiting downstairs. Krish says she isn’t here. Dev asks did she run away. Krish says no, she went to meet her parents, I sent her to Maayka. Dev says I would have got a heart attack in tension, are you hiding anything. Krish says no, handle it downstairs, if mum knows this then she will call me wife’s puppet. Dev says yes, you are. He thinks Krish is hiding something for sure. Krish worries. Shiva goes to Raavi.

She says I don’t want any drama now. He checks her foot and sees the wound. He says you didn’t tell me anything. She says I don’t want to answer. They argue. Dev sees Arnav and covers up. They hear Shiva shouting. Shiva says no one in the house knows about your injury, just Arnav knows it. She says yes, Arnav was there, why shall I tell you, you just fight with me. Shiva says you think I don’t care, then go, I don’t care. He goes.

Arnav asks for Shweta. Dev says you know girls go to parlor twice these days, she will take some time. Krish says everyone will know that she isn’t here. Arnav gets a call. He asks Dev to call Raavi, he has to talk. Dev says she can’t come, she was making tea, she needs time, sit. Arnav says I will leave, give this gift to Krish and Shweta. He leaves. Dev sees Shiva and says you both have no shame, you don’t care about the guest in the house. Shiva goes. Krish calls Shweta. Dev asks didn’t she come. Krish says no. Dev asks is everything fine, tell me the truth, did you both have any fight. Krish says we didn’t even have a talk, how will we fight. Dev says Dhara got the custody, did Shweta leave the house, Rishita will taunt me. Krish asks why did you marry Rishita if you are so scared of her. Dev says I didn’t know she will get so scary. Shiva and Raavi decorate Krish’s room. They argue. Her finger gets pricked and bleeds. He throws a kerchief at her. He says it will get fine, it’s a little wound. She cuts the kerchief and throws it back at him. She says I don’t want your care. Dhara comes running to meet Shweta. She asks Krish where is Shweta, did she go anywhere. Krish and Dev worry. She calls Shweta.

Shweta leaves her phone in kitchen. Rishita messages Deven to come and meet her in backyard to take the jewellery. He agrees to come. Rishita says Deven is Chiku’s dad, today Shweta’s truth will get exposed. Dev is shocked.

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