Pandya Store 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Suman accepts Shweta

Pandya Store 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish asking do you really want to marry me, will you regret later. Shweta says we won’t regret, we can know each other after marriage. He says fine then, we are adults, we don’t need anyone’s permission, we will go to temple and marry, your family will bless us. Suman is shocked. He asks Shweta to come. Everyone worries. Shweta thinks someone stop him. Suman stops Krish and says I won’t let you ruin your life, I won’t give permission for this marriage, if you go, then forget that I m your mother, don’t come here ever. Rishita says good, mum should threaten him. Krish says you think I don’t know you, I know you well, you are soft hearted, you didn’t leave any option for me, you have three sons and three bahus, but Shweta is alone to handle her baby, she needs me, I m becoming her support. Dhara asks when did you become so sensible. He says I will get married and come back, I will take your blessing and trouble you, you used to hate Rishita, she is your fav today, you will love Shweta also, give her a chance, wait for me and your bahu. He says I will come soon, Bhabhi. Suman gets angry. Krish says I have a right to trouble you. She scolds him.

He says I m not talking of my rights on house and shop, but on relations, I m a Pandya. Suman says we have no relation. She beats him and cries. He says you will get tired, I will come to take your blessing after marriage. Suman says my three sons didn’t give me sorrow, you are breaking my heart, get lost. Krish asks Shweta not to get scared of mum’s violence, she has blessed them. Shweta says no, I can’t marry by going against the elders. He says its not the right time to say this. She thinks where will I stay if I listen to you. Dhara says Shweta is listening to you, Shweta’s choice is right, please agree. Shweta says I can’t marry Krish by making him away from his family. She hugs her mum and acts good. Krish thinks to convince the family for Dhara’s sake. Shweta leaves. Gautam asks Suman is she liking to see Krish this way. She says he will forget Shweta. Shweta smiles and goes out happily. She thinks I will be able to live my life well now. A car passes. The man and a little girl take the Devimaa idol on the cycle. Shweta gets hit and falls down, holding the Devimaa chunri. She screams. Everyone runs out and sees her. Rishita says she doesn’t know walking well. The car driver says she was walking lost, its not my mistake, she looked worried. Suman says its fine, take her inside. Krish lifts Shweta and takes her. They all take care of her.

Shweta’s mum says Suman is stone-hearted. Dhara says don’t blame mum, she isn’t wrong to have her opinion. Shweta gets conscious. She sees everyone and thinks I came back here. Her mum says come home, I don’t want you to get married in this house, you aren’t a burden on us, come. Shweta thinks thank God, my mum got senses. Dhara says Kaki, stop, we will convince mum.

Shweta’s mum says I don’t want Shweta to marry here if Suman has so much problem. Suman stops Shweta. She says you felt bad of my words, you were leaving the world, I think you can keep my Krish happy. Shweta’s parents smile. Shweta is shocked. Rishita asks what are you saying. Everyone hugs Suman and Krish. Dhara gets sweets for them. She hugs Krish. She feeds the sweets to everyone. Rishita refuses. Shweta’s mum says I will get marriage mahurat. Dhara says Suman will talk to her pandit. They all decide the arrangements. Shweta worries. Suman thinks I didn’t know Krish has grown up, Krish is taking a big decision for Dhara’s sake, I will wait for him to say this truth.

Shweta is on call. Rishita hears her and confronts. She asks why are you marrying. Shweta says I will have same status like you. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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