Pandya Store 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 25th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish scolding Shweta. He says you have to get the baby along if you have to become custodian, why didn’t you get his ticket. She says I didn’t want Chiku, I just wanted my freedom and money. He says you think I got mad for you and wanted to marry you, I couldn’t see Dhara upset, so I married you to give Chiku to Dhara, I wasn’t interested in marrying you. Shweta is shocked. Gautam and Dhara talk about Krish and Shweta. He says I might help you if there is any problem. Dhara says there is nothing to say, even the moon got shy seeing your romance. He smiles. She kisses him. Shweta asks are you mad, you should have told me once, you wanted Chiku for Dhara, I would have given him, you have ruined our lives. She cries and says I hate you for ruining my life.

Shiva comes to the room and lies down on the floor. Raavi says how can he think anything about Arnav and me. She lies to sleep. He says if any other man knows more about my wife, I would be hurt, this matter will get solved when you sort this. Krish says you got so greedy that you are ready to leave Chiku. Shweta says no, look at your status, you ask Dhara for money, I can’t do this, what will you do if I want money, what about her questions, truth us, this is your status in this house. He says you check your status first, who said I don’t have money, we all brothers get the share from Pandya store earnings, I give the share to Dhara, I like to ask her, why did you beg your parents, we are equal in status, I m better than you, I know the value of money. She says I also understood the value, I wanted Chiku’s custody, I want my freedom and money, you don’t know life without it. He says I don’t want to know, you are a stone-hearted mother, Rishita is from a big family, she has adjusted, she wasn’t ready to give Chutki to Dhara before.

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