Pandya Store 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta wins Suman’s trust

Pandya Store 5th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish asking Shweta are you willing to marry me, I don’t like the way you talk to me. She argues with him. She thinks I have to calm down. Rishita says I had seen Shweta with the cupboard, there is some connection. Dev asks what do you mean. She says don’t know what will happen till Krish’s sangeet and marriage. Shweta says sorry, it was a big day for us, that incident happened, I was tensed. Krish says its okay, take rest. He goes. Deven catches her. She says don’t beat me. He says hurry up, you don’t have much time. Dev says you doubt Shweta, its Shweta’s loss always. Rishita says give the keys to Suman and don’t tell her that I had it. Dev says I can’t get the scolding, I will just keep it there. He goes. She says Shweta is responsible. Raavi sees Shiva leaving from the room. She locks the door. She says no need to tell everyone about our fight. He sleeps on the floor.

Shweta gets Deven’s call. She says do anything, I won’t give you a rupee. She takes the breakfast. She sees Deven coming home with the police. She drops the food tray. Everyone looks on. Deven says inspector, arrest her, she is a thief. Suman says she is my innocent bahu, she saved my money. Deven says she isn’t so innocent, see her deed. He shows the video. Shweta says believe me, I didn’t do this. Krish throws the ring at her. Deven says I left her because of these things Shweta asks Dhara to save her. She gets arrested. She wakes up and says it was just a dream. Raavi falls over Shiva. He shouts. She says it was a dream, a monkey caught me. He asks what. She makes an excuse.

Its morning, everyone talks to Suman about money needed for the marriage. Shweta looks on. Shiva says Dev and I will also contribute. Rishita says its useless expense. Dhara asks her to understand, its Krish’s marriage, it should happen well, we have to match up with Shweta’s parents, they booked a resort. Shweta thinks they are mad people. Rishita says we will get bankrupt. Krish says she is right. Dev and Shiva ask him not to worry and enjoy. Rishita gets angry and goes. Raavi says we all will contribute, I joined Arnav’s agency, its my first day, I have to help him in protecting girls accounts. Dhara says more power to you. Raavi says I told the one who asked. Suman asks can’t you wait till the marriage ends. Raavi says Arnav knows it, he will give me off. She leaves. Shiva gets angry. Dhara asks him to come and talk to her. He says later, we will decide about the marriage. Shweta gets Deven’s message. Dhara asks Rishita to come, they have to go and buy jewelery. Rishita says I m not interested, don’t irritate me. Dev says I will come with you.

Hari asks Jankana to forget everything now, Shweta is fine now. Shweta comes home. She cries and acts in front of Hari. Hari says I will give you money, you buy anything you want. Jankana says no need to give her money, I will buy gifts for them, I don’t trust this girl. Shweta asks what did I do now, I risked my life to save their money, I m doing this marriage also. Jankana says I know you lied to Rishita about Forum, who is Neeta and her brother? She says if your Sasural people get hurt then it won’t be right for you. Shweta says you changed a lot. Jankana says it will be better that you also change. Shweta gets Deven’s message. She goes. Suman locks the cupboard. She says now the thief should come, four locks, no one can open my locker except me. Shiva walks on the road. Arnav and Raavi are in the car. The dirt falls over Shiva. He shouts. He sees Arnav dropping Raavi home. He gets jealous. Suman says I have put four locks, I have the keys with me. Dhara laughs. Suman says you are laughing, 2 lakhs got stolen, its good Shweta saved the money. Shiva comes. Dhara asks about the dirt. Shiva says I got the money. Suman says I will keep it safe. She laughs. Dhara says mum has put four locks. Dhara says I got the jewellery, I will show it to Shweta once. Shweta asks Suman to have food and then medicine. Dhara says she worries for you a lot. Rishita looks on. Suman says keep this money in the locker. Shweta asks me? Rishita says you never trusted anyone before, and today you are trusting Shweta. Suman says yes, she is rich, she saved my money. Rishita argues. Dhara says we always valued your money.

Deven is in Shweta’s room. Dhara comes. He hides under the bed. The bangles falls down. Dhara bends to pick it. Shweta worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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