Pandya Store 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva burns Raavi’s gift

Pandya Store 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva burns Raavi’s gift

Written Update

In today’s episode of Pandya Store we saw Suman slamming Dhara for trusting Shweta. She says that because of her she had to face guilt in front of Shweta’s family. Shweta’s father is now doubtful about Dhara’s honesty and asks whether they should rethink their decision to make Dhara Chikoo’s guardian.

Arnav comes at the Pandya Niwas. Raavi sees him and thinks that she will have to stop him outside the house only or else Shiva will lose his cool on seeing him. Arnav tells Raavi that he thought instead of staying alone on Diwali he should celebrate Diwali with the Pandya family. He brings gifts for the family. Raavi thinks that she should also give him the gift she got for him. She rushes inside to get Arnav’s gift. Shiva sees them together and loses his cool. Raavi and Arnav exchange gifts.

Raavi goes inside the house and gives the gifts to everyone in the family. She gives the shirt to Shiva. Shiva thinks that he should not doubt Raavi but he wants Raavi to confess that she met Arnav outside the house. Raavi on the other hand is thinking that she will tell him tomorrow that she met Arnav.

Arohi asks Shiva to wear the shirt. Shiva opens the gift and sees the price tag on the shirt. He gets infuriated to see the shirt with the lower price. He thinks that Raavi gave the expensive shirt to Arnav. He says that Raavi has proved how much she values him. Pandya family sits at the dining table together. Shiva takes the shirt and burns it. Shweta sees it and seizes the opportunity. She excuses herself to go to the washroom but instead go where the shirt was burning and more diyas to it so that burns properly. She wants Raavi not to know that she changed the shirt she bought for Shiva to the one which she bought for Arnav.

Gombi sees the fire and rushes to extinguish it. Shweta tells everyone that earlier she saw Shiva standing there. She also says that Shiva saw Raavi meet Arnav. Suman blames Raavi.

Precap: Shweta gives the pill to control periods to Raavi. She tells her that the pill is for the headache.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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