Pandya Store 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun rescues Rajjo

Pandya Store 6th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vicky and his friends leaving in the cars. Arjun reaches. He says Vicky and Rajjo can be in one of those cars, we will follow them. Mannu sings the shagun songs. Rajjo thinks Arjun was alerting me about Vicky, Mannu didn’t listen to him, I won’t leave Vicky. Arjun says I won’t leave Vicky. Vicky sees Arjun following. He says how did Arjun come. Rajjo hears this. Vicky signs his friend to take the other route. Arjun follows Vicky’s car and says I hope Rajjo is in this car. Madhu gives jewellery to everyone. Swara gets a Rani haar. She says this Kundan necklace is enough. Madhu says yes, take this. Kalindi says I think she liked my set. She makes Swara wear the necklace. Swara says we can’t make kids wear gold, there will be some fear. Mukund says let her parents think. Kartik gives a good news. He says I have arranged the local channels to telecast Arjun’s marriage. Madhu holds Chirag. He thinks Arjun should call and inform if everything is fine. Arjun tries to overtake the car. Rajjo opens the window and throws her bangle on Arjun’s car. Kitne dur dur ho…plays… Arjun sees Rajjo. Vicky also sees Arjun in the car beside. Madhu says you gave your Rakshamala to Arjun, Gurumaa had given it to you and asked me to never remove it, I didn’t know you have removed it, where did Arjun go, why did you give the Mala to him, I didn’t upset him by my questions, its his marriage day, I think the matter isn’t such ordinary. He says its okay, no one goes out after haldi, so I gave my Mala, don’t worry, he will come. Pushkar asks what, is the groom not at home. Pratap asks Madhu did Arjun go somewhere again. Kalindi sees Urvashi. Pushkar thinks I want to know about Vicky and Arjun. Urvashi’s mom asks how can he go without informing. Pushkar asks Chirag to say. Rajjo gets a bottle. She hits it on Vicky’s head. He stops the car. Arjun comes in front. Vicky goes to hit his car. Rajjo worries. Madhu says Arjun will come, he has sworn. Urvashi’s parents argue.

Jhilmil says Madhu lied to me when I asked. Kartik asks what work did he have that he went out. Mukund says we know why did he go. Chirag asks him not to talk in between. Pushkar asks where is our Arjun, tell us. Arjun and Rajjo run to each other. Vicky points gun at Arjun. Chirag says Arjun has messaged, he is coming, he has gone for some deal. Swara looks at Chirag’s phone. Chirag lies about international deal. Madhu says I told you, he can never break his mum’s swear, I know he made a mistake to go out, you pull his ears when he comes back. Urvashi’s mum smiles. Pratap says we will finish our work. Pushkar thinks I can’t call police or Arjun. Swara says Arjun’s message didn’t come, I have seen your phone, you just acted. Chirag asks her not to say anything. She asks why did you lie. He says I couldn’t see everyone questioning mum, I can’t tell you where Arjun went, it was much imp, we have to handle everything until he comes. She says don’t worry, I m with you. He prays. Arjun and Vicky argue. Vicky says I have profit from Rajjo. His friend catches her. Vicky laughs at him. He asks his friend to lock Rajjo.

Arjun marries Rajjo in the temple. Rajjo comes home and stops his marriage with Urvashi. She says you are my husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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