Pandya Store 9th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara and Rishita team up

Pandya Store 9th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deven asking Shweta about her trip to Dubai. She says leave me, someone will come. He says you are a big player, what will I do showing the video to them after marriage, so I want that jewellery before marriage. She says fine, please let me go now, Rishita doubts me, meet me outside swimming pool in some time. She thinks to get rid of him, else he will ask for the property that’s on Chiku’s name. Rishita says Shweta has made fake jewellery, believe me, I don’t know why. Dhara recalls. Deven asks what happened. Krish comes and calls her out. He asks what are you doing here. Shweta says nothing, I had some work, so I called him. He asks what work. Krish says I have seen you somewhere. Deven says sorry and goes.

She says I had some ladies problem, so I was discussing with him. Krish says you should have told Dhara or Suman, why were you talking to the waiter. She says don’t make my mood off. He says we will solve all the problems together, if you hide problems from me, then how will it work. She holds his hand and thanks him for trusting her so much. She says I promise, I won’t hide anything, come, we have to make arrangements and dance also. Rishita says I know you won’t believe me, I will swear on Chutki. Dhara says no need to swear, I trust you. Rishita says great then, we will go and cancel this marriage. Dhara says look there, Krish is so happy with Shweta, we will find out if our doubt is right. Rishita says you don’t believe me. Dhara says there should be two jewellery sets in the resort. Rishita says right, we will just take the jewellery sets from Suman, I hope she didn’t change it. Dhara says I had seen Shweta in Suman’s room, come with me. They go. Shiva waits for Raavi. He calls her. Suman cries and says sons change after marriage, you don’t become like your brothers. Krish says I will always be your Krishu. They hug. Shiva locks the door. He says I will go and have tea until Raavi comes. He leaves. Raavi comes home. She sees the door locked. She thinks Dhara said Shiva will wait for me, but there is no one here. Arnav asks what happened. She says Dhara said Shiva will wait for me, but maybe he left. He asks how can he go. She says he would have called me, I will book a cab and go. He says you take my car, I will go by auto, else I will feel bad. She leaves in the car. Arnav goes. Shweta checks the jewellery. She gets shocked seeing the fake jewellery. She says I lost the good chance, Rishita also doubts me, what shall I do. Dhara and Rishita check the jewellery. Dhara says thank God, its real jewellery. Rishita says its not safe, we will keep this jewellery in Chutki’s bag. Shweta thinks this bag is like Chutkis bag, I will take jewellery in this, no one will doubt. Dhara says I believe you, I feel she had many chances to change the jewellery, she didn’t, maybe she took the pic just like that. Rishita asks how can she touch the jewellery without asking you, she lied to me, she was in the market, if you don’t support me, then we will get into a trouble, she isn’t true to her parents, she won’t be with us. Dhara says enough, you also went against your parents. Rishita says enough, I left them for my love, don’t compare me with her, she has no motive, you just hurt me. Dhara says sorry. Rishita says I will do what I want. She goes. Dhara keeps the jewellery in the cupboard and leaves. Shiva waits outside the house. The man gets the rented car. Shiva says I think Raavi went alone. He also leaves. They both don’t see each other on the way. Gautam says I can’t believe that Krish is getting married, we will send him on honeymoon. Dev says sure. Shiva comes. Dev asks where will we send Krish on honeymoon. Gautam says we will take our wives along. Dev says we should marry again. Shiva says I don’t want to marry again. Gautam asks where is Raavi. Rishita collides with Shweta and asks where are you going. Dhara gets Rishita’s phone. Shweta says I came to take the jewellery from Suman’s room. Rishita says you will get it on marriage day. Shweta says no, matching jewellery. Dhara says I will get it. Shiva asks didn’t Raavi come. Gautam says you had to get her. Shiva says I called her, she didn’t call back. Dev and Gautam ask him to call Raavi. Dev calls Raavi. She says there is network issue. Shiva says don’t know where is she. Dev messages her. She replies I m coming in 30mins, I m on the way. Dev says you should have messaged her. Shiva says she replied to you. He goes. Dev says Shiva is jealous of her success. Gautam says he is insecure, not jealous, they should learn to solve their problems, come.

Rishita says your mum wears heavy gold jewellery at home, you won’t be habitual to fake jewellery. Shweta says I don’t find any difference. Rishita says hallmark is the difference, its on real jewellery. Dhara comes and gives the boxes. She asks Shweta to get ready. She asks Rishita to come. Shweta thinks they are doubting me, I have to change the jewellery soon.

Raavi says Shweta made fake jewellery. Dhara says I won’t let Krish’s life get ruined, I will stop the marriage. Shweta laughs and says you have no proof, I will become Mrs. Pandya.

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