Parineeti 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari sits in Neeti’s place

Parineeti 12th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti comes. Simi says the bride is here, and they all sprinkle flowers on her. Neeti says thanks, Pari. I have all this happiness because of you. I wish I could bring your smile back too. The women dance, and Gurinder, and Simi dance. Pami is not happy. She says I am sure Pari is very upset. Pari cries. She recalls her much dikhayi. Chandrika says no one can do all this for his cheater husband. Pari says I am doing all this for Neeti but I am too tired. I have no way out. Chandrika hugs her. Gurinder asks Simi to bring Sanju. A woman asks who is Sanju? Isn’t your son Rajiv?

Rajiv says to Monty I am so happy when I am with Neeti but when I look at Pari I feel guilty. Pari will never be able to trust anyone. I ruined her life. Monty says your guilt isn’t the solution. He says that’s why I am drinking. I am worried for my child I don’t want Pari’s curse to chase my child. I hope God punishes me. Amit says do you both have any shame? Drinking in the house? Amit drinks their glass. They laugh. Amit takes Monty downstairs. Simi says to Amit bring Rajiv.

Scene 2
Gurinder says let’s start munh dikhayi but I will start. I am the MIL. She sees Neeti’s face and says you’re the star of my eye. You’re my blessing. She says Pami come give her blessings. Neeti wonders why is Pami mad at her. Neeti touches her feet. They women see Neeti one by one. Amit tells Simi this aunty also came in Pari’s much dikhayi. Do something. Simi says we have to stop her. Pami gets a call. Amit distracts Gurinder. Simi distracts the women. She says come eat first. Chandrika says something to Neeti and takes her upstaris. The woman asks who is Sanju? Simi says Rajiv’s nick name is Sanju. The woman asks where did Pari go? Gurinder says where did she go? Pami says she has no shame. Chandrika brings Pari. Pami says if she sees a need she will recall Pari. She sees her face and says prettier than before pari. Your husband must be very loving. The woman says Pari is so pretty. Gurinder wonders if Pari is there.

Neeti wonders why did Chandrika bring her to the room. She tries to open the door but it’s locked. She says where is Sanju? He keeps disappearing. Simi comes to Neeti. She says we had to apply for Kala teeka. Neeti says there’s no such thing. Simi says no they are all worried for you and your child. Let me apply Kala teeka. Neeti says everyone cares so much for my child. Simi applies Kala teeka under Neeti’s air. Chandrika says to Pari how do I get you out of here. Pari says we have to leave before Neeti comes. Pami asks Chandrika to leave. She sits with Neeti and says how many favors would you do on us? Pari says you knew? Pami says who else would care so much about our family? If Neeti wasn’t your friend I would kick her out fo Rajiv’s life. We have done nothing for you. Pari says you have given me so much love. I can live many lives. Pami says I’m so ashamed. I can’t stand for my daughter in law. I couldn’t be a good mother or mother-in-law.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says to Neeti you shouldn’t fast. You’re not well. Neeti says I will fast for sanju. sanju comes there. Neeti says Pari and I will fast for karvachauth. Neeti hugs Rajiv. Pari gets teary. Rajiv hold sher hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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