Parineeti 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Everyone looks for Pari

Parineeti 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajiv says Pari please stop. Pari cries and says I don’t wanna live. She comes towards the edge of the cliff. Pari looks around, Rajiv isn’t there. She says am I still waiting for a man like Rajiv? I better die than live with him. She was imagining him. Pari comes near the cliff and says I will die.

Neeti wakes up from her sleep screaming. The nurse asks her what happened. She says I saw a bad dream about Pari. Where is my phone? I need to call her. The nurse asks her to calm down. She says your BP will be high. She is fine, she came here a while ago. Neeti says she came? The nurse says you were asleep due to the injection. She was here, she hugged you. Neeti says why didn’t you wake me up. Pari recalls Chandrika picked up her phone. Neeti asks when did she leave? She says it’s been a while. Neeti says something is wrong.

Scene 2
Pami says I will go myself. I want to find Pari. Monty says Rajiv has gone to the cliff to look for her. Pami prays for her. The candle blows. Tai Ji is worried for Pari. Rajiv is looking for Pari. He says I should have told Pari everything before the wedding. How could I be such an idiot? Pari is a nice girl. I never saw her as a wife, never respected her. She was right about me. I know how she must be feeling. I always wanted her to leave but now I feel like I’ve done a murder. This guilt will kill me. Neeti calls Rajiv. she asks where are you? I miss you. He says are you okay? I will call you later. Neeti says your ignorance won’t let me get better. I am really worried for Pari. She came here but I didn’t meet her. I was asleep. Rajiv says I am busy. I will call you later. She says come here, leave everything I need a hug. He says to stop acting like a child. He hangs up. Neeti says when I needed him the most he hung up. Rajiv comes out of the car and is crying. Rajiv says what have I become.

Please come back, Pari. Pami says I feel so weak and hopeless. I couldn’t help an innocent girl. Monty says we will all find her. Tao Ji says who knows if Rajiv has even gone to find her or went to Neeti. Tao Ji says we should all go find her. Simi says she will come back don’t worry. Pami says shut up. Simi says she is a drama queen, and Pami says shut up. Simi says don’t take her side. Pami slaps her and says I will kick you out too. Don’t make fun of someone’s fun. They leave.

Scene 3
Neeti cries and says I want to go to find Pari. The nurses try to stop her. Neeti says I have to go. Neeti says she’s in trouble. They give her an injection. Neeti sleeps crying Pari’s name. Rajiv comes to the temple looking for Pari. He prays for her. He looks everywhere. Pandit Ji gives him the phone and tells him she went near the cliff. Who is she to you? Her husband? you look very worried. Rajiv sits there in tears. Rajiv says please come back, Pari. This guilt won’t let me live. What will I tell your Neeti? WHere did her Pari go?

Pami and family come there. They ask Rajiv where is Pari? Rajiv says she went near the cliff. Pami grabs his collar and says if anything happens to her I won’t leave you. She says my DIL left the house at this hour and I couldn’t do anything. I kept fighting for women’s rights and this happened to my DIL. You broke an innocent person’s heart who loved you with all her heart. Tao Ji asks Balwinder to bring police. They all go to the police station. Rajiv is worried. Neeti calls Rajiv again. He says Neeti please try to understand I am stuck somewhere. It’s the nurse. Rajiv gets worried for Neeti. He asks is okay. The nurse says we gave her an injection but she is getting panic attacks, she wants to meet Pari. Please bring her here we can’t give her more injections. He says I am coming there. Please take care of her.

Rajiv comes to the police station. They say to wait for 24 hours. Balveer comes there and asks the inspector to file the report. Rajiv tells them she went to the temple. Inspector says that the cliff area is dangerous. People die there all the time. Pami gets worried.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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