Parineeti 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv gets arrested

Parineeti 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The inspector says that the area near the cliff is very dangerous. No one comes back from there, we find many dead bodies. don’t worry we will try to find her. Rajiv is worried. He says the police and family won’t leave me if anything happens to her. Harman calls Rajiv. Rajiv says I think she’s reached there. He picks up the call. Harman asks how are you? Can I talk to Pari? Rajiv says I just stepped out. Pari is home I will call you once she’s home. He says it’s okay I can call on Pami’s phone. Rajiv says I will call you don’t worry. He says okay call for sure. Mandeep wonders if everything is okay.

It starts raining. Rajiv sees a girl on road. He says Pari listen.. it’s someone else. Rajiv says I am sorry. Rajiv says I am sorry Pari. I lied to you and kept you in dark. Please come back. He thinks about his moments with Pari. Tao ji and Monty are in another car. Monty says to ask people around if they’ve seen her. They ask people if they’ve seen Pari. Monty says I helped Rajiv in this, I should be punished as well. Pami is worried.

Scene 2
They all drive near the cliff. Police also come there. Rajiv looks around for Pari. Chandrika finds Pari’s dupatta near the edge. Rajiv picks it. Tai Ji screams no. Rajiv says nothing will happen to her. Pami says what else is left? You’re responsible for all this. God will never forgive you. You ruined a girl’s life. Inspector asks what happened. Pami says he’s responsible for everything. He cheated on his wife and married another girl. They check downstairs to find a body. He says these means be prepared for anything. Rajiv says nothing will happen. He says I didn’t know Pari will. Tao Ji says don’t cry for the girl you never cared for you. You must be very happy right? You must be celebrating. Go from here. If anything happens to her I won’t leave you.

Scene 2
Gurinder says I hope she never reaches the village. Gurinder calls Rajiv. Pami takes the phone and cries she says you must be very happy. She didn’t ruin your image. Rajiv tells Gurinder. He says we don’t know what happened. Gurinder cuts the call and laughs. She says finally. The inspector says this case is of murder, cheating, and suicide. You have to come with us. Rajiv says I didn’t do anything. Pami says take him with you and punish him as per law. They take Rajiv. Rajiv says please don’t do this Tai ji. They arrest Rajiv. Rajiv says to the inspector it’s our personal matter. Let me go to find Pari. He says I have to act as per the law.

Rajiv is brought to the police station. Rajiv says how can you accuse me? He says your family is accusing me. Inspector asks Monty why did they fight? Monty says they had a normal fight. Inspector says don’t lie. Gurinder comes and says how can you arrest my son? He says we doubt Pari did suicide because of your son. Gurinder says did you find her body? He says no but we saw blood and her dupatta. She says to find proof before arresting mine so. Let him go. Monty says please let him go, we have to find her. He says my team will investigate. We will keep an eye on you. Don’t try to leave the city. They all go.

Scene 3
The nurse gives Neeti another injection. The other nurse asks is thtis okay to give so many injections? The nurse says she will create a havoc when she wakes up. Her husband is weird. He isn’t coming and her friend also left. SHe wasn’t happy listening about the pregnancy. This injection can create complications in her delivery but we have no other option.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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