Parineeti 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv goes to Neeti

Parineeti 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tao ji says don’t worry Pami. We found her dupatta only, I am sure she’s fine. It must have fallen. She must have gone somewhere. Tai Ji says where? If anything happens to her I can never forgive myself. I used to get other people’s DIL justice and this happened to my DIL? I feel so ashamed. He says everything will be fine. Please eat first. I will make you eat. Chandrika says Tao Ji you eat first. Tao Ji says I won’t break your rule. You can eat with me. He makes her eat. Gurinder comes. Pami says to ask her to eat in her room and not sit with us. She will get her food there. Never show me your face again. Until Pari comes back home, you and Rajiv don’t even deserve to eat. Rajiv comes in. He says what have I done. Tai ji hates me now. Tao Ji gets a call. He goes out. Rajiv says sorry Tai Ji but please don’t blame mummy Ji. It’s all my fault.

Pami slaps Rajiv. She says if your mom slapped you on your first mistake, you won’t have done this. You and your mom planned this together. I will get power and land and you will get your land. You can go do whatever you want after that. Leave Pari who cares. Gurinder says enough. We didn’t kick her out of this house. She left on her choice, her dad married her to Rajiv. Rajiv is my son, you can’t slap him all the time. You can’t insult him like this. Pami says being a mother doesn’t mean you support their wrong things too. What if it happened to your daughter? Gurinder says why didn’t you stop her from going? When people are with you, you don’t care. Then when they leave you to care for them? Why didn’t you stop her? Pami says because I know she can never be happy in this house. Can you give her trust back? Can you give her the right of being his wife and DIL back? She left with dignity. A mother’s duty is to give her kids the right manners not make them cheat like your son. You both used her. Gurinder says enough. Gurinder says you can’t insult us like this? Pami says what about what you and your son did to Pari? You should have gotten justice.

Gurinder says did you ever support me when I used to drive a truck? I also had the talent to be the mukhiya of the village. You were jealous of me and never let me do anything. Amit says stop it. Let’s find Pari. Pami says see what is she doing. Rajiv sneaks out. Simi says where are you going? He says my boss is calling. Simi says who Neeti boss? Our moms are fighting and you wanna go to Neeti? Rajiv calls back the nurse. She says where are you? Your wife needs you. We have to give her injections. She is getting panic attacks. Pari came here for a while but left. You’ve to be here as her husband in a time like this. Rajiv wonders what kind of time was she referring to. Neeti isn’t well. I have to be with her. He tries to go. Amit says Rajiv this is all because of you. You have ruined this house. Rajiv says I am tired to fix everything. Please I need your support. Amit takes him inside. Gurinder and Pami are fighting. Rajiv says Neeti leave me. He leaves.

Monty stops Rajiv. He says where are you going? Things are so bad here. Rajiv says Neeti’s condition is really bad. She needs me, the nurse is calling me again and again. She needs me. She is getting panic attacks. Monty says I will also go with you then. They both leave. Gurinder says this all happened because of Pami. She held me back and her husband supported her. If Rajiv’s dad was alive this won’t have happened with me. Tao Ji says what are you saying? She says if Rajiv’s dad was alive we won’t have been insulted like this. Your wife mistreats people. Tao Ji says don’t tell me what to do with who. Pami always thought of you and loved your sons. She slapped Rajiv as her son. Her mother should have done too. Gurinder slapped him because he was an outsider to her. Has she ever slapped Monty for being a loser? Or Simi for being how she is? Simi says what? Keep me out of it. You should say things in my face. See what you did to my mom. You’re not being silent. Gurinder says I am not a slave. I can’t be shut up. Pami says she only cares about herself and she won’t ever change. Her son Rajiv is also selfish like her. Don’t answer her back. The maid says the doctor is here. Tao ji asks Pami to come to the room. He asks Gurinder to stay silent now.

Scene 2
Rajiv drives fast. Monty says to drive carefully. Rajiv says I am so worried for Neeti. SHe kept calling me. I should have been with her. I was stuck in tai ji, mummy ni, and Pari’s problems. I will be with Neeti now. I am happy everyone knows the truth now and our relationship. I will stay with her and always take care of her. I won’t ever leave her alone. Monty says but the pain you feel so Neeti, Pari has felt ten times. How would you feel if Neeti cheated on you and married someone else for her benefit? Would you tolerate it? Tell me one incident where Pari hurt you or didn’t take care of you. Rajiv recalls how Pari always took care of him and gave him her liver. Rajiv says that’s the problem. She has not done anything due to which I can balme her. She did this marriage with honesty. I don’t want to leave her alone. I dont’ feel guilty that I cheated on her. I knew this had to happen one day. But Pari left me for Neeti and my happiness. She sacrificed herself. Monty says that’s her love. She loves you a lot. You always lied to her but she kept believing you. She wanted to trust you. She let all the signs go. Rajiv says stop it. I am so stuck. I love Neeti. I want to be with Neeti but I dont’ want anything bad to happen to Pari either. I hope she’s found soon. Rajiv sees Pari on the road. He’s shocked.

Episode ends

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