Parineeti 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pami kicks Gurinder out

Parineeti 26th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ravji says what have I done? I have killed Pari? He walks into the mortuary. The nurse says Sir please see the body. Rajiv takes off the sheet. The light goes off. Rajiv says you should have spoken to me, Pari. We could find a solution. Rajiv imagines Pari saying my marriage was a lie. My husband never considered me his wife. If I were alive you would have been caged. You don’t have to lie every day. Are you happy now? He said my heart is so hurt. I didn’t want this. I liked you and respected you. You shouldn’t have done this. Pari says should you have done all this? Take care of Neeti. Never cheat on her. Rajiv cries. Lights come back. Rajiv says Pari.. where are you? The nurse asks him to identify the body. He says it’s not Pari. Thank God.

Scene 2
Chandirka is mad. Amit says I only asked you to be silent. Chandrika says your family keeps insulting me. Tai Ji, Simi, you never defend me. You know how wrong has your mom done to Pari. I will leave this house. We don’t even know what happened to Pari. We don’t know if she’s alive. Being silent doesn’t mean you’re right. We have to stand against wrong. You didn’t even stand against your mom. I am leaving. She leaves in anger.

Rajiv says Pari came here to meet Neeti. Monty says she won’t take the wrong step. Rajiv says she might have come to meet Neeti last night. Monty says don’t think that way. Be positive. He says I don’t even know where she is. She doesn’t know anyone other than Neeti here. Rajiv gets a call. He says yes I am coming. He says let me get Neeti’s medicine.

Scene 3
Pami can’t sleep. Tao Ji says I know you’ve not slept at all. Why are you worried? Pami gets up. Tao Ji says stressing won’t help at all. We have to keep the faith. She says I am so sick of what Gurinder said. When did I not help her? She made all the mistakes and we still stood with her. She used Pari for that land. She ruined three lives. She has no shame and then she’s blaming me? Tao Ji says don’t take it to the heart. Pami says she will have to leave the house. Tao Ji stops her. She says I won’t tolerate her.

Rajiv asks the nurse why do you keep giving her injections. She says she gets up and gets panic attacks and she wants to meet Pari Rajiv says Pari came here. She says but Neeti was asleep. She couldn’t meet Pari. The nurse says one of you should stay here. She needs family when she gets up. Rajiv asks Monty to stay with Neeti. He says I will look around for Pari. I hope she’s safe. Monty says do you want Pari or Neeti? You’re equally worried for Pari. Rajiv says I love Neeti and will always do. I just don’t want Pari to be harmed. I want her to live her life. I am just guilty. He leaves. Monty says he won’t’ leave Neeti here for guit only.

Scene 4
Pami says to Gurinder we have had enough of you. We raised your kids, we took care of you and you have so much poison against us only? You said I stopped you from progressing? Gurinder says yes you did injustice to me. Pami says why are you living here then? Pack your bags and get out of here. Tao Ji says let Rajiv come back. Pami says we have done enough for her. She doesn’t have to take our favors. She can leave the house. Gurinder says I said the truth you can’t take it. Tao Ji says enough. Simi says I know she made a mistake. We can’t ask her to leave the house at this hour. Gurinder cries and says where will I go at this hour? What face will I show to the world? Chandrika says she’s such a drama. Tao ji asks her to calm down.

Rajiv looks for Pari. He says I don’t love Pari but why am I so hurt? Why couldn’t I send Monty? Rajiv sits outside and cries. Pami asks Gurinder to leave. Everyone tries to calm her down. Gurinder cries and says where will I go at this hour? Talk to her. Tao Ji says she isn’t wrong. You have ruined pari’s life, you sold your son for some land. You are now saying you’re alone. What about Pari? You’ve always seen your benefit in things. And selfish people are left alone.

Monty waits for Rajiv. He says I can’t go home. What should I do? Monty says all problems in Rajiv’s life are because of Neeti. But no it’s because of Chachi Ji, she ruined everything. Please come back Rajveer, mummy Ji will kill me. Pami asks Gurinder to leave right away. Pami throws Gurinder out with her bags and locks the doors. Gurinder cries and says where will I go?

Scene 5
The inspector calls Rajiv and says we couldn’t find Pari. You can’t leave the city. He says I am worried for Pari. He says if you cared about your wife, why didn’t you marry another woman? Rajiv prays for Pari.

Amit gets a call. He’s shocked. He rushes to the door. He opens the door. Gurinder shouts and says where is Pami? Bring her. I will show her who I am. Pami says how dare you come to my house. She says this house is mine as well. I can bring the police here. Pami says to call the police. They would arrest you. Gurinder says you will be arrested before me. Pami says get out of my house. Gurinder says I am legally the half owner of this house as well. Pami says shut up. She says you never bought it. This land is of our father in law’s. This house is half mine and my kid’s. I will take my share of this house. Everything will be half in this house. I want my share. Pami is shocked. Amit says what are you saying ma. Gurinder says shut up. She says to Pami shocked. Bring chalk so we can divide this house totally. Tao Ji says stop this. She says this land is mine. I won’t ruin my future. Tao Ji says don’t ruin our family’s respect. She says you both have done it by kicking me out of my own house. I stand right. You are both selfish. I will call the lawyer today. Tao ji says take this blank cheque and go from here. She says I don’t want to beg. I want to get my right. You both never thought about me.

Chandrika wonders where is Rajiv? SHe calls him. She asks where are you? He says I was looking for Pari. She says come home. Mummy Ji is calling a lawyer, she is saying she wants to divide the house. Pami says you will get your right when Pami gets back home and you give her all the rights. Gurinder says my DIL is none of your business. I will draw this line. Tao ji says we are family. Please don’t do this. She says I dont’ want a family that kicked me out. Give me my share. Gurinder marks a line in the house. Rajiv stops her.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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