Parineeti 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 27th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rocky stops Gurinder and says what are you doing? She says I should have done this way before. I will get my share and give you everything. Rajiv says this is our home, they are our family. Tai ji gave me all the love. Gurinder says so we don’t ask for our rights. Stand with your mom once. If this was our home she wont’ kick us out. Rajiv says stop it please. They have kept us like their own kids. Gurinder says she doesn’t want me to stay here. She hates us. She kicked me out of this house at night. Did I ever ask for my share before? She forced me to do all this.

Door opens. Everyone is shocked. Pari walks in. Pami hugs Pari and says thank God you’re fine. We were all so worried for you. Pari is silent. Rajiv says Pari where did you go? We were all so worried for you. Police couldn’t find you. We thought you harmed yourself. Thank God you are safe. I was so scared. Pari shoves him. Pari says why were you looking for me? Stop this drama. Who am I to you? If you cheated on me only I would have tolerated it. But you ruined Neeti’s life as well. You have no right to question me. Our relationship is over. I am dead for you. Rajiv says why did you come back then? You are responsible for this house breaking. Pari says you broke your family. Not me. You’re a liar and your mom’s selfishness this house is going through this. Rajiv says don’t say a word against my mom and myself anymore. Pari says look in the mirror. You will be ashamed of yourself. Gurinder says calm down you both. She says to Pami you said you will give me my share when Pari is back. She’s here, give me my share then. Tao ji says have some shame. Instead of asking how she is you want your share? I have never seen a selfish woman like you.

Pami says I am so happy Pari you came here. Now your Tai ji and mukhayan promises you that I will get you all the right in this house and this marriage. Rajiv will accept you as his wife and leave Neeti forever. I promise you that. Say something.. Why are you silent?

Scene 2
Neeti opens her eyes. She sees Monty sleeping on sofa. She says Monty.. He says how do you feel now? She asks where is sanju? He says Sanju was here but he just went home. Mom wasn’t well. Let me call him. Neeti says it’s fine. monty says let me inform the doctor. Neeti hugs her mom’s photo.

Pami says to Pari don’t be afraid of anyone. Pari says I didn’t come here to live with Rajiv. Pami says what are you saying? I am with you. I will get you all the right. Pari says I wanted true love which I will never get.

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