Parineeti 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari calls Neeti

Parineeti 28th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti calls back Pari. Pari cries. She says Neeti please save me. Only you can save me today. Neeti asks what happened. Pari says when I left, I met that Daler on the Taxi stand. He sold me to a place. Today will be my last day if you don’t save me. Neeti says I am coming right now. Pari says I don’t know they brought me here. Neeti says look around give me a clue, please. Pari says there are a movie’s hoardings outside. Neeti says to send the location. Pari says they will find out. Neeti says to delete the chat. The phone turns off. Pari says what do I do now. Neeti waits for her location. Neeti calls back, but the phone is off. Pari is scared.

Shalini comes and says bring that girl out. Pari prays that Neeti finds her. Pari goes out. Pari comes there. Shalini says why were you taking time? Don’t act smart with us. Pari says the water was slow. Shalini says where is Masi’s phone? Masi is asleep. Pari is scared.

Scene 2
Neeti comes to Rajiv. She says Pari is in trouble. Someone has kidnapped her. Rajiv says where is she? Neeti says I don’t know. That phone is also off. We have to find her. She says she said she’s in some jungle and there is a hoarding. Neeti says she trusted me over her loser husband. I won’t leave him. Rajiv says we have to find her. Rajiv says did you hear anything? She says yes there was some train noise. He says I know a place where they sell women at night. I went there for a project and my friend told me. Neeti says I will also come. Rajvi says no it can be dangerous for you. Neeti says no I will go at all costs.

Neeti tells the girl she called her friend but couldn’t send the location. The girl says how will she reach here? Pari says my friend will find us. She’s very smart. The girl says please do something so we get saved. I am my parent’s only child. Are you married? Pari is silent.

Scene 3
Gurpreet is worried for Pari. Harman says should I go there? I will make an excuse that I went there for something. Gurpreet says Pari said she’s coming here. I don’t know where she is. Mandeep says to call the police. Gurpreet says we can’t do that. Our family is defamed. Gurpreet says where did she go? I am so scared.

Shalini asks the man to take guests to the room. Pari prays that she gets saved. She says to Pari don’t act smart. The girl asks Pari to throw the phone. Shalini says to stay with the same man. Pari drops the phone there. Shalini stops her. She says put this lipstick. She forces her to do makeup. She says to go now. Get sold. Daler takes his money.

Sanju and Neeti are on the way. Neeti says carefully. He says I know how to drive. Neeti says to drive fast. He says why don’t you drive yourself? Neeti says my stomach hurts. She takes the driving seat and says sit now. Neeti drives very fast. Neeti says I have to save Pari. you can never worry about her as much as I do.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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