Parineeti 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari imagines Neeti’s death

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Scene 1
Pari says I must have something bad, God is punishing me. Chandrika says you can never do anything wrong. Pami says it’s all his mom’s and his fault. They have ruined this family. Everyone is suffering because of them. Rajiv says what have I done Tai Ji? Neeti is my wife. It’s my decision to tell her things. Pami says she isn’t your wife is your claim? You married Pari in front of everyone. She is stopping you because Neeti isn’t well. Pari asks the doctor how is Gurpreet? He says she is better. Keep her away from stress. Pari says to Rajiv you’re responsible for all this. First Neeti and now my mom. He says it’s all your fault. I was gonna tell Neeti everything. You stopped me. Pari goes to meet Gurpreet. Pami asks her to not tell Pami anything.

Pari comes to Gurpreet. She says how will I tell her the truth? If seeing me and Rajiv fight she is in this condition, the truth will kill her. Pari hugs her and cries. She says you don’t take care of yourself at all. Gurpreet says why was Rajvi fighting with you? Pari says you get better first. Gurpreet says nothing is more important than you to me. What was Rajiv trying to tell Neeti? Pari says he wanted to tell her about her condition. But she can’t take it. Gurpreet says Rajiv is very nice, after marriage a girl’s first priority is her parents. Don’t ruin your marriage for a friend. You’re both married and grown up now. Apologize to Rajiv. The doctor tells Pari that Gurpreet’s condition isn’t well. She shouldn’t be given any stress. Harman comes. Pari asks Harman to stay with her. She goes to Neeti.

Scene 2
Neeti says where were you? I feel so alone without you and Sanju. If he could marry two girls I would choose. Pari says what kind of joke is that? It’s not funny. Neeti says it was just a joke. Stay happy with Rajiv. I am happy with my Sanju. Neeti asks is everything okay? She says yes. Neeti says you’re doing so much for me. Pari says it’s my love for you. Neeti says you look worried. Is it because of Rajiv? Can I talk to him?> Pari says it’s not needed. Neeti says then what should I do to make you happy? Pari says forget me forever. Neeti says what are you saying? NEver say that agian. Rajiv says you have broken this friendship Neetii. Neeti says don’t come between our friendship. Rajiv says a friend should the truth about her friend. Neeti says what truth? Pari says stay silent Rajiv. Rajiv says why?

Neeti says why did you call him Rajiv? Pari says I made a mistake. Rajiv says I am Rajiv. Neeti says what joke is this? You’re my Sanju. Rajiv says I am Sanju and Rajiv both. Your friend was lying. I married Pari before you. Neeti is shocked. She says this can’t be true. He says you both are my wives. Neeti says what is he saying. Please tell me the truth. Why did you lie? Why did you hide? Tell me the truth. Pari is this true? Pari says I will leave your life forever, I will fix everything. Just calm down, please. Neeti cries and says you knew it? You promised to never hide anything from me. She can’t breathe. Pari screams for the doctor. Pari says Neeti please calm down. I will never come between you two. Meet falls to the floor. Rajiv says Neeti.. Neeti says to stay away from me. I trusted you the most. You betrayed me. I will never forgive you. Pari holds her. Neeti says you also lied to me. Neeti says you’re my husband’s wife. The doctor rushes in. Neeti closes her eyes.

The doctor checks Neeti. Pari and Rajiv are worried. Pari says I told you not to tell her. The doctor is silent. He says her pulse has stopped. Neeti is no more. Pari and Rajiv are shocked. Pari says this can’t be true. Neeti can never leave me. She cries. Rajiv sits down holding her feet. The taxi driver wakes Pari up. She fell asleep in the taxi. She was crying. THe driver says you were not waking up and crying in sleep. She was dreaming it. Pari rushes to the hospital.

Scene 3
Rajiv says to Pari I couldn’t find you in Barnala. I was so disheartened. My mom was forcing me to get married. I loved you. How could I marry someone else? But my mom. The nurse says we have to change her dressing. Please go out. Rajiv says I have to talk to her about something personal. Give us 10 minutes.

Episode ends

Precap-Neeti asks Rajiv to fill her hairline. She says I don’t have sindur. Pari gives him sindur. He fills Neeti’s hairline. Pari looks away. Tai Ji says to Pari Neeti might have planned this child to take your place in this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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