Parineeti 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Neeti to go to Rajiv’s place

Parineeti 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amit finds Rajiv. Rajiv hugs him and says congratulatiosn. I am so happy. Pari told me Tai ji and Tao ji will accept Neeti. Rajiv says to Chandrika I know you are mad, but I always loved Neeti. I don’t want anything bad for Pari. Neeti is very nice. Chandrika says Neeti can never be our Pari. We can’t forget Pari for you. Rajiv says you will also love and accept Neeti. Rajiv says to Amit you will be an uncle. Amit hugs him. Rajiv says let me get sweets. He goes to the canteen. Chandrika says Amit you will eat sweets? Would you still eat them if this happened to Simi? He says I am sure it can’t because Simi can fool people not get fooled. she says wow all your siblings are the same. You also find another one. She leaves in anger.

Pari comes to Neeti. Neeti asks Pari why was she fighting with Sanju. Neeti says are you hiding something? Pari says it’s about your health. Neeti says you both were shouting. So I got scared. Sanju has been so caring. He is insecure about you because we are close. Pari says in heart, our hearts are distant. Neeti says did you find that girl Rajiv was cheating on you with? Find them once and see what I do to that girl and Rajiv. I will teach Rajiv a lesson. How do girls fall for people like him? Pari says what if the girl doesn’t know? Neeti says oh yes that can happen too. Then you and that girl both are being fooled. It’s unfair to both. Pari tells Neeti she spoke to Sanju’s family and got her accepted. Neeti hugs her and cries. She says thank you so much. I love you. You solved the biggest problem for me and my child. He will get everything. His family, name, everything. This will make our relationship stronger too. Pari says in her heart I will have to go away from you.

Scene 2
Rajiv calls Gurinder and says did Pari tell you? I will be a father and you will be a grandmom. She says people say I couldn’t be a mom. Rajiv says all problems would resolve. Gurinder says her family and village would create a huge problem. They will take that land back. Rajiv says let it go. I will earn and get you a bigger land. She says I wish you were that capable. Rajiv says my child is a good omen. He will solve all the problems.

Pari says to Neeti I have to go home. Everyone must be waiting for me. Pari says in her heart who would wait? That family is hers, not mine. Rajiv comes in and says Neeti, I got sweets. She says for what? Pari goes to a side. Rajiv says I know you’re pregnant. She says I wanted to tell you. He says okay tell me I will pretend like I don’t know. She says it’s useless now. He makes her eat the sweets. Neeti says Pari should eat first. She spoke to and convinced your family. Our child will get everything because of her. Pari says I have to go. Rajiv says Pari eats the sweets. Neeti says to make her eat. Rajiv makes Pari eat the sweets. Paari gets teary. Neeti says why are you shy? You were fighting with him like an old wife. Pari leaves. She runs out in tears. Neeti eats the sweets happily. Pari cries in the corridor.

Neeti says everything would be perfect now. Our child will everyone, grandparents, uncle aunts. Pari cries, and Chandrika hugs her. She says don’t cry. You are very strong. Rajiv is so evil. I am so ashamed of him. Pari says I had only two people in life. Rajiv and Neeti, I lost them together. I am so unlucky. Chandrika says don’t say that. No one can do a sacrifice like you. If my own sister did it I would kick her out of my life. Rajiv is very unlucky that he left. Pari says Rajiv always loved Neeti. I was just his forced marriage. I never thought I would lose Neeti like this. We have been sisters. Now I’ve to give her my sister. When I see her eyes with Rajiv’s love, what should I feel? Should I fight with her or for her? What was my fault? Chandrika says don’t cry like this. God will bless you with something big. You are very strong. You will be given something better by God. Chandrika asks where is Rajiv? PAri says of course with Neeti.

Scene 3
Rajiv says to Neeti please eat the medicine. She says I won’t. I am sick of them. She says you want our child to be weak like you? She says I am not weak. I’ve beaten so many boys. He says how will our child beat people then? If you don’t eat multivitamins. He says why didn’t you tell me such big news? She says I wanted to surprise you. Neeti kisses his cheek. They kiss each other.

Amit comes in. He meets Neeti. Amit says we’re going home. Rajiv says will Pari go with you guys? Neeti says why would Pari go to your place?

Episode ends

Precap-Neeti says to Gurinder I want my best friend Pari to do my greh parvesh. Pari comes in. Gurinder tells Pari your sautan has called you to do her greh parvehs and her arti. Neeti and Rajiv enter the house. Pari’s step also falls in the red liquid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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