Pishachini 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rani marries Sanchit

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The Episode starts with Rocky thinking why he couldn’t see his reflection in the mirror. Pavitra reads a book for hint and thinks she couldn’t protect her husband, thinks it is done by Rani. She cries. Rocky says I am infront of you, you have tried to protect me, even I felt that there is something, but I never tried to enquire and never believed you. He says now I believed that evil powers are in the house, and she is Rani. He thinks you was right, but if I can tell you this truth. He is about to touch her, when Vidya comes there. Pavitra says I couldn’t find any way. Vidya asks her to come out and see what is happening outside. They see Sanchit and Rani coming there wearing garlands. Pavitra recalls the demon telling that Rani has to marry in their family only, then only she will become Maha Pishachini. Rani recalls taking Sanchit for marriage. She calls her Pishash clan and takes reverse round with him. She says our marriage happened, now we are husband and wife. Sanchit asks without Pandit and mantras. Rani says I will tell you what to say. Sanchit tells the fake story as told by Rani to his family and tells that he saw Rani alone in the temple, and Pandit ji had told about a good mahurat so he married Rani. Rani also continues the lie. Pavitra realizes Rani has hidden Rocky to divert her, and her aim was Sanchit. She is going near Rani to ask about Rocky, when Amrita stops Pavitra and asks if she wants everyone to die. She says you know what we, the four pishach can do. Rocky gets shocked and thinks who are the four pishach. Rocky’s parents get happy.

Rocky’s mother says she got sanskari bahu as she wished and goes on praising Rani and insulting Pavitra. She does Rani’s aarti and asks her to come inside. Rani walks inside. Sanchit and Rani take everyone’s blessings. Rocky’s father asks Sapna to rest, and feels proud of Sanchit. Sapna says don’t know where did Rocky go?

Bubbly and her husband tell that Rocky is like a free bird and counts his flaws. Pavitra praises Rocky. Rocky hears them. Rocky’s father taunts Pavitra and tells that he is proud of Sanchit. Pavitra says one day you will be proud of your other son. She holds Rani’s hand and asks her to come out silently, if she don’t want her pishachini avatar to come out infront of everyone. Rani asks Sanchit to go to room. Pavitra and Rani come outside. Rani comes in her pishachini avatar. Pavitra says I am not scared of you. Rocky witnesses her avatar and gets shocked. Pavitra asks her to tell where is her husband? Rani laughs and tells that her husband can’t come out from a big trouble. Pavitra holds Rani and pushes her with her divine powers. Rani falls down on the tree. Rocky is shocked. Pavitra asks her to tell where is her husband and holds her hair. Rani asks her not to ruin her hair style. Pavitra asks where is my husband? Rani says I have made your husband invisible. She holds Pavitra’s neck and fly in air. She says Mr. Bareily will be Mr. India now, and tells that even she doesn’t know how to make him normal.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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