Pishachini 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Prateik and Amrita save Nikita from Rani’s attack

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The Episode starts with Nikita asking Prateik and Amrita how they are alive, as she had seen their dead bodies. Amrita asks her to go. Pavitra asks Rocky to come with her to temple. Rocky refuses to go without Nikita and says we can’t leave her. Nikita asks them why they are not happy. She asks if this is happening because of Pishachini, with whom they had done a deal about their deal before her birth. Amrita and Prateik show their Pishach avatar to Nikita. Nikita asks why your eyes turn green? Pavitra says you are not safe here and asks her to go. Rocky asks Niki to come. Nikita says she can’t leave her parents. Rocky says they are not your parents. Nikita asks why your eyes turned green, and asks why did you send me to London to study, so that you keep me away from your secrets and fixed my marriage there so that I don’t find out about your heinous deal. Amrita and Prateik show their big nails. Pavitra tells Nikita that they are not your parents, and don’t feel any feelings, they have become Pishach. Shikha hears and smiles. Vidya says they can harm you and all of us. Shikha says all Rajput family are bearing your bad deeds. Rocky catches fire. Nikita gets angry on her parents. Bubbly tells Manohar that someone is shouting. Manohar says someone might be shouting on the road seeing you. She asks him to get the music system repaired. Manohar says he will put cotton in his ears. Sapna asks him to praise Bubbly. Pavitra asks Nikita to calm down. Amrita asks Nikita to go. Nikita asks what you will do, will you kill me or will make me Pishach like yourself. Rani appears there and says you said right.

Sapna tells Bubbly that they shall see if food came or not. Bubbly says I was assured that Rani made the food. Sanchit starts praising Rani hearing Bubbly taking her name, and badmouths about Pavitra. His father says Rani is a big gift for our family. Sanchit says more than that, she is a precious diamond, and there is nobody like Rani. Sapna says you said right and goes.

Manohar dances playing the music system. Rocky catches fire again. Nikita asks Rani if she is the one responsible for all this. Rani says she is Pishachini/ Raatrani. She says I didn’t do anything with my wish. She says I did what was told to me. She says your parents took me for their greed and someone brought me back to Bareily to fulfill their wishes. She asks her to tell if she has any wishes, and says come to me and then you will enjoy. Nikita smiles. Just then Rocky catches fire again. Nikita calls her sinner and magical. She says you are giving me greed, I will not leave you. She walks towards her. Rani attacks Nikita and she falls far.

Dada ji is standing on the stool and looks the snakes all in the room. The snake climbs the stool. Sapna and Bubbly come there. Rani tells that she will send Shikha to her parents. Pavitra holds Rani and asks Nikita to run away. Nikita refuses, says it is better to die rather than calling as Pishach’s daughter. Rani pushes Pavitra and the latter falls down. Sapna and Bubbly ask him to come down. Dada ji recalls Rani pushing him and tells them that he was doing exercise for strength. They ask if we shall go? He says yes. Bubbly says he is doing strange things.

Rani walks towards Nikita, when Rocky comes infront of her and shows the gangajal pot. Rani uses a evil weapon to stop the gangajal from falling on her, when Rocky throws it at her. She grabs his neck and throws him on the floor. She says now you all see Nikita going to Yamraj, as after her, it is turn for you all. Prateik hears Pavitra telling in her heart to save Nikita. Prateik and Amrita come infront of Nikita and take the Rani’s evil power attack on themselves. They fall down with their eyes turns black and they turn grey. Nikita calls them as they fall on her lap. She asks what did you do? Rocky and Pavitra come there running. Prateik tells that whatever they did is for their greed and asks her never to leave Pavitra, she is a good friend. Amrita apologizes for their wrong doings. Prateik says may be our wandering soul may get peace now. They touch Nikita’s face and vanish in air. Nikita cries. Pavitra hugs her. Rani looks on.

Precp: Pavitra tries to save Rocky from going to Pishach lok. While he is pulled inside the Pishach lok, Pavitra throws something on him. She swears to bring him back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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