Pishachini 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra stabs Rani

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Scene 1
Rocky drinks the juice. Vidya collides with him. She says sorry.. let me clean it. Rocky says to Rani let’s go. Rocky dances with Rani. Pavitra prays that God shows her away. Rocky is dancing. Winds are blowing. Pavitra says I have lost everything. Pishachini has made dada Ji a witch as well. Please save the Rajput family. You have to help them, you have to show them away. Rocky says the wind can’t stop the sangeet. Strong winds blow. Rocky dances with Rani. Pavitra keeps praying. Her room is on fire. Pavitra screams. The book papers are burning. Pavitra sees Devi maa. The boos disappear. Pavitra wonders what’s happening. She sees the book near the idol. There’s a key sign, it says this key is the route to her end. Pavitra wonders where is the key.

Scene 2
Vidya is cleaning her clothes. Pavitra looks for the key. Rani asks Rocky are you still thinking about her? He says I only think about you. Pavitra’s scar shines near Vidya’s room. She wonders if the key is inside. The key comes to Pavitra’s hand. Pavitra comes downstairs. She sees the key. It turns into a dagger. Pavitra recalls her parents dying, she recalls Himani and dada Ji.

Rani is dancing with Rocky. Pavitra walks towards her. Pavitra stabs her. Everyone is shocked. Rani faints. Rocky says Rani ji.. Pavitra says wait for one minute. The truth will be out. Rocky says are you crazy? You crossed all the limits today. Sapna says you stabbed Rani. Pavitra says she’s Pishachini. She’s a witch. This dagger can end her forever. Rocky says you have killed Rani. Pavitra says why si there no blood if she’s a human? Pavitra looks back. There is blood everywhere. They rush her to the ambulance. Pavitra is shocked. Pavitra comes to Rocky. He stops her.

Pavitra sees Pishachini laughing at her. All Pischachs laugh at her. Rani says you thought you can defeat me? Pavitra says but you.. they took you to the ambulance. Rani laughs and says you can never win from me. I will always be a step ahead. Pavitra is scared.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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