Pishachini 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sapna asks Pavitra to leave the house

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Scene 1
Pishachini says I am always 2 steps ahead of my enemy. I knew you would use this dagger, Mendy saw it. Rani swapped herself with another girl. She gave her face to the girl and hypnotized her. The girl danced with Rocky as Rani. Rani says you stabbed that girl. Pavitra is shocked. She cries. Pavitra cries thinking about the girl. Pratik asks what if that girl dies and Rocky finds out she’s not Rani? Rani says I have been playing this game for 200 years. Pavitra cries. She says what have I done. She calls police and files a report against herself.

The doctor tells Rocky and family Rani is better now. Rocky goes towards the room. Pishachini comes to the girl. The girl cries. She says how did I come here? Who are you? Pishachini kills her and sleeps in her place. Rocky comes in. Rani says Rocky.. He asks how do you feel now? The girl’s body is under the bed.

Scene 2
Pavitra says I stabbed someone, you can arrest me. Rocky comes. Inspector says she said she stabbed someone and she’s surrendering herself. Rocky says that’s not needed. Rani says I was the girl she injured. It was an accident. Pavitra left the knife on the floor and I fell on it so she feels guilty. Police leaves. Sudhakar says we can never forgive you for what you did. Sapna says we never expected this from you. Leave this house tomorrow morning. Never come back here.

Pavitra cries. Rocky looks at her. He walks towards her. Rani is angry. Rani screams and pretends she’s in pain. Rocky asks are you okay? She says I am fine if you are near me. Pratik says to Pavitra no one can defeat Pishachini. You’re the villain in this house. Amrita says pack your bags and leave tomorrow. No one needs you. Rocky hates you too. They laugh at her. They say Rocky and Rani will get married and the secret would be kept.

Scene 3
Pavitra shows them Hanuman’s picture. they both fall down. Pavitra locks them outside. She says what were they saying? What’s the secret with rocky and rani’s wedding? Pavitra and Rocky both are restless. Pavitra prays for God to show her the way. Rocky comes to her room. She opens the door, no one is there. Someone hits her on head. It’s Pishachini. Pavitra faints. She says this is how I became Pishachini.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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