Pishachini 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rani throws Pavitra in well

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Scene 1
Rani is on Pavitra’s bed, she laughs and says you’re leaving this house. Pavitra says I will expose you. Rani says you can never fight with me like your family. Don’t you wanna pack? Amrita gives Rocky a gift. He says it wasn’t needed. Pratik says we are very excited for you. Here are your honeymoon tickets, we booked everything. Rocky sees the green light again. Rocky says it’s the same light. Mendy tries to drag Vikas. Rocky says do you see that green light? Amrita says there’s nothing there. Rocky asks dadu.. He says no. Pratik says you should rest. Rocky says there’s something.

Pavitra says I will end you. Rani says you can never win from me, tell that to your nanu when you ie. Rani hits her on the head. She says this is how I became Pishachini. Pavitra faints. Amrita says Pavitra says such weird things you have started believing in all this. Pratik says you should rest. Amrita gives rocky juice. She says you will feel better. Rocky drinks it. He says thank you for the gift. It’s so nice. He goes to sleep. Pratik says Rocky will be under the influence of this juice till he gets married to Rani. Dadu says what about Pavitra? Pratik says Pishachini is taking care of her.

Scene 2
Rani brings Pavitra to the well and leaves her there. Pavitra opens her eyes. She says where am I? Pavitra screams for help. Rocky and Rani’s Haldi starts. Rocky feels weird as Pavitra screams for help. Rani asks Amrita if she gave him the juice. She says I did. Everyone does the rituals. Babli says you’re so smart, Rani. How do you maintain it? Sapna says she doesn’t eat, I have never seen her eating. Shikha says no she loves pizza, we ate the pizza last night. Vidya applies Haldi and notices the tattoo isn’t there that was on her hand when they took her to the hospital.

Pavitra looks around. She sees many dates in the well. Pavitra recalls Pishachini died 20 years ago. She has dates written of the people who she killed 200 years ago when she was a human. Mendy comes and shows her the stories where Rani killed people. Pavitra says who are you? He says I know all the secrets. Pavitra says what secret? Mendy says Rani wanted to be a Maha Pishachini. It could only happen after 200 years. Pishachini told Kaal she wanted to be Maha Pishachini. Kaal told her she has to be part of a pure family. She has to give birth to their son and bring a kaal and human child into the world and she will become Maha Pishachini. Mendy says this is why she wants to marry Rocky. Pavitra is shocked. Pavitra reads the story of Raj Rajput, the last man who Rani killed. Rocky is his great grand son.

Episode ends

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