Pishachini 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra drowns in the well

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Scene 1
Pavitra says Rocky is Rogovinda Rajput’s great-grandchild when he ended her human evil journey. I’ve to stop this wedding. Pavitra is scared. She says I have to stop this wedding. A black liquid starts filling in. She screams for help. Sanchit says to Rocky you still have time to stopo all this. It doesn’t feel right. Rocky says I am fine. Vidya says you are making a huge mistake. Pavitra was right, I have a serious feeling. Sanchit says are you sure? She says there was not tattoo on her hand, it was there she went to hospital. Sudhakaar says why is the groom not ready? Rocky says she has lost her mind. She’s not letting me get ready. She is saying Rani’s tattoo has disappeared. Rocky says don’t ruin my wedding day.

Water keeps filing it. Pavitra screams for help. Rocky feels compelled to her voice. The liquid reacts on him. He says I have to get reaady. Vidya says to Dadu something is wrong. I know Pavitra spoke to you about it. I feel like we are doing a mistake. Do you feel the same dadu? You used to warn us from these black powers. Do you know anything? Please help me. He shakes his head. Vidya sees a bag in dustbin.

Scene 2
The water fills in. Pavitra screms for help. Rocky brings his baraat dancing on the song ranjhna. Pavitra cries for help. Rocky hold Rani’s hand. Pavitra is drowning. Sanchit asks Vidya where were you? She says I found this bag in dustbin. Sanchit says but pandit ji gave this to dadu years ago. It is very important. Vidya says something is wrong. Pavitra screams for help. She is drowning.

The mantra starts. Rani’s face turns black. Rani sees the bag in Vidya’s hand. She wonders whatis this ganga jal for. Pandit ji asks Rocky and Rani to make each other wear garlands. Shikha ties their knots. Pavitra is drowning. Rani asks Pavitra to handle Vidya. Sapna stops Shikha. She says where are you doing? Vidya shows the things to fight with Pishachini to Sanchit. Pavitra faints. Rani and Rocky take roundss. Vidya takes out a bottle. Shikha asks Vidya what is all this? Give it to me. Vidya says wait.. She tries to snatch them. Pandit ji says in next 3 rounds Rani will be in front. The ganga jal falls on Rocky. Pavitra drowns.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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