Pishachini 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra and Rocky make arrangements for Diwali

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The Episode starts with Rocky telling Pavitra that they shall tell everyone about Pishachini. Pavitra tells that it is clear that she is splashing her poison everyone and biting everyone, it is written in Nanu’s book that she has a lot of negative energy and she spreads hatred and jealousy around her. Rocky says we have to tell everyone and can’t wait anymore. Pavitra says even she wants to tell them, but they are hurt after seeing two brothers fighting. She says Rani was about to attack everyone today along with Dada ji, and they would have made everyone dead today. Rocky says when we don’t have a family then whom we will save. Pavitra says we have destroyed her Maha Pishachini crown, but what she wants now. Rani tells that they doesn’t know what she wants. She tells Pishach frog that she has conspired big. Rocky says if she wants to make everyone as Pishach. Rani tells that she will become more powerful than Maha Pishachini. She says Pavitra failed all her plans due to her divine powers. She says she will be more powerful that even Pavitra’s divine power will not work for me. Pavitra says we have to find out about her plan, then we can defeat her. Rani says that time will start now and she will hear the knock soon. Rocky says Rani will not tell us. Pavitra says but someone who is in her magic fully can tell us. Rocky says Sanchit bhaiyya. Pavitra says he is always with Rani and might know. She says we can’t let Sanchit be alone with her. Mendak Pishach tells that she is alone and they are together. He says their ghatbandhan might prove heavy on you. She says she is not alone, but has many Pishach soldiers with her. Pishachs come out of the ground. Rani laughs and says there will be a different dhamaka this time.

Pavitra makes rangoli while Rocky keeps the diyas. She steps on the table and falls. Rocky holds her. Sona sona plays…..Rocky smiles. Vidya comes out and smiles. She coughs and says there is room for what you are doing. Sapna and Bubbly come out and see the rangoli design on the floor and diyas kept on the side of the house. Bubbly asks Rocky how come he is awake by now, says this is the time for you to return home. Rocky says he has become responsible now and don’t go out leaving his wife alone in night. He says they have made the arrangements. Vidya tells that Pavitra has woken her up for the arrangements. Pavitra tells that they have done the arrangements and this will be her first time that she will celebrate Diwali with all the family. Rocky tells Sapna that they shall forget whatever happened yesterday and celebrate Diwali together. Sapna gets emotional and hugs him.

Rocky asks Shikha how is she now? Shikha says she is fine, pain seems to be gone. Vidya says Pavitra’s lep worked. Pavitra says Maasi’s teachings came to use. vidya says we don’t need Rani now. Pavitra asks Shikha not to worry and says we are with you. Rocky says we know Rani’s truth, Rani is behind whatever happened with you. Pavitra asks her to tell if she knows anything. Shikha recalls Rani coming infront of her and threatening to make her face more worse than before, and tells that Veer will hate you when he comes here. She asks her to think before saying anything to anyone. Rocky asks her to tell them clearly. Shikha says she is fine. Pavitra says if there is anything then you can tell us and gives her juice. Shikha thinks I wish I could tell you Pavitra, you are doing so much for me. They leave. Rani appears infront of Shikha shocking her and says she is happy with her.

Sapna tells Bubbly and Manohar that Shikha told her that she slipped and fell down from the balcony. Bubbly says Rani shouldn’t have taken her name unnecessarily and the brothers had fought due to her sayings. Sapna says Rani didn’t say it intentionally. Bubbly says we have been harsh on Pavitra, she was taking good care of Shikha so well. Rani hears them. They make a list. Sapna says Rocky loves Laddoos. Rocky says he has won the competition of eating laddoos. Sanchit comes there. Pavitra asks about Sanchit’s favorite sweets. Rocky says Nariyal ki meethayi. He asks Sapna to make the sweets, and tells Sanchit that they shall forget whatever had happened yesterday. Rani signs him. Sanchit hugs Rocky. Sapna is emotional. She asks Rani about her favorite sweets. Rani says whatever Sanchit likes. Bubbly says we have to make so much then. Sapna asks Pavitra what she likes. Pavitra says she will taste everything, this time the Diwali will be very memorable. Rani comes inside the well and sees a green color globe.

Precap: Pavitra tells about Nashak’s email about how to free human from Pishachini’s black magic. They blind fold Rani and takes Sanchit away from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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